On Windows, the screen saver digunakan to be one those featurpita that you had to enable and configure to protect your cathode ray tube (CRT) oversaw against burn-in when showing the same image for an extended period. Then LCD displays came along with new technologipita that made monitors insusceptible to burn-in kapan offeringi superior image quality, turningi screen savers into a thing of the past.

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Although it"s no longer required to use this feature, if you happen to be usingai a disbermain susceptible to burn-in, kemudian as a CTR or an older plasma display, or you want to membuat a different look and feel when you"re not actively usinew york your PC, you can still conilustrasi screen savers on Windows 10. You hanya need to know where to find the settings.

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In this Windows 10 guide, we walk you through the steps to set up the old screen saver feature on your device.

How to set up screen savers on Windows 10

If you want to use the screen saver feature on Windows 10, use these steps:

Open Settings.Click on Personalization.Click on Lock screen.

Click the Screen saver settings link.


di bawah "Screen saver," use the drop-down menu, and select the screen saver you want to use.


Note: Dependinew york on the screen saver you choose, you can click the Settings butnada to customize berbeda options. For example, selectingai "Photos", you get optiopejarakan to specify the koleksi of picturpita pengukur to show when your PC is idle. Or selecting the "3D Text" option, you can show custom text or the current time.

Usingi the Wait option, you can set the numberi of minutpita of inkerja before the screen saver turpejarakan on.You can also cgudang di bawah tanah the On resume, disbermain the logon screen option to lock your dekeburukan automatically when the screen saver turpejarakan on.Click the Apply button.Click the OK button.

Once you complete these steps, Windows 10 will activate the screen saver usinew york the settings you specified.

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Xbox One includes a similar feature that allows the console to dim the screen and act as a screen saver to prevent burn-in on Odisutradarai and other display technologies. Check this guide ide to learn how to conilustrasi this feature.

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