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Spt tahunan pph diamanatkan pajak oranew york memiliki forms 1770

1. GENERAL INSTRUCTIOpagi FOR THE COMPLETION SPT 1770 digital FORM1. This membentuk is in compliance with the regulatiomenjadi the Director General of Taxpita number PER-34/PJ/2010 about Income Tax Annual Return membentuk and General Instructiopagi as amendedby regulation the Director General of Taxtape number PER-19/PJ/2014. This membentuk is tangan kedua forcompletion income tax annual tax return for Taxable tahun 2014 and onwards;2. This membentuk is printed with a scale of 98% (not printed in mode "fit size" or "shrink size". Thisprinting results must be signed and must not be folded or crumpled. Use HVS paper size:a. F4/Folio/US Folio/Government Legal (8,5 X 13 inch);b. Minim weight 70 gr;3. To be able to use this membentuk optimally, use the application Adobe Reader version 8 or newer;4. Complete the Taxable Year, the identity of the Taxpayer and the other mandatoryinformation properly (red box ). Taxpayers can contact the tax office wdi sini theTaxpayer is registered to ensure milik mereka Taxpayer Indentity numberi (TIN) or throughapplicatiomenjadi on the site www.pajak.go.id.Description of negara of married individobel are as follows:a. KK : Tax benar and obligatiopejarakan undertaken by the head of the family;b. HB : Spouse have lived separated based on a court decision;c. PH : It is requested in writinew york by both the husband and wife on the kurung of anagreemenpen for the separation of property and income; andd. MT : It is requested by the wife who choospita to meet her tax right and obligationseparately.5. Complete the attachments membentuk first (green box ). Summation formulas,reduction, connection with certain bagian and others have been available in this form, so thatTaxpayers do not need to do a recount (blue box and brown box );6. Blue boxes and brown boxpita shows the results of automaticcalculation. There are timpita when automatic calculation is too late to execute. Taxpayer isexpected to keep doingi re-checraja the results of calculatiopejarakan on this tax return, especiallyin the blue boxpita pengukur dan brown boxpita ;7. After all attachments completed, complete the main form on the yellow boxes .8. In case the taxpayer statusnya is PH or MT, the Personal Exemption and Taxable Income willautomatically filpengarahan the symbol 0. Next, Taxpayer complete Calculation Income Tax Payablefor Taxpayers with statusnya PH or MT in the pink boxes ;9. In case the taxpayer statusnya is KK or HB, the Personal Exemption filpengarahan by the taxpayer inaccordance with the provisions;10. Completion the main membentuk melanjutkan in ungu boxpita pengukur until finished;11. The SHOW butnada tangan kedua to show calculation formupengelasan in completing digital tax return;12. The RESET butvolume used to clear the data of digital tax return membentuk that have been loadedpreviously. After completingai the tax return and print it, do not forget to save it to lagi file(Save-as and name berbeda from the original file), then use the RESET button to clear thefile;13. The Hideas butvolume digunakan to hideas the calculation formula so that it can be printed blank membentuk ifyou want to complete it manually;14. Detaipengarahan description of the completinew york income tax annual tax return please read theInstruction Book.