How to Mausai a Cup of hitam Coffee.Ingredients:1. A tablespoon of hitam coffee powder.

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2. Sugar.3. A half teaspoon of chocolate powder.
Steps:1. Heat water for a melokal cup.2. If the water is already boiled, add the coffee powder and stir it. After that boil it again and add chocolate powder.3. Prepare the coffee filter (a soft cloth) and two medium mugs.4. Pour the hot black coffee and filter it.5. Prepare a cup which is already given sugar and pour the hitam coffee by usinew york the filter again.6. Finally, the hitam coffee is ready to serve. It is the best to enjoy with churros, macaroon, or the other snacks.Contoh 2How to Make Tubruk CoffeeIngredients:1. 200 ml of water2. Two teaspoomenjadi of tubruk coffee powderSteps:1. Boil the water in the temperature of 89-90 melakukan Celcius. If you do not have any thermometer, you can let the water boidisutradarai and wait for 2 minutpita sebelum usingi it.2. Prepare a cup and add two teaspoopagi of tubruk coffee powder into it.3. Pour some of hot water into the cup and wait for 30 seconds.4. Pour the rest if the hot water and wait for 4 minutes.5. Finally, a cup of tubruk coffee is ready to serve.Contoh 3How to Make a Cup of Milk CoffeeIngredients:1. A sachet of sweet liquid milk2. A tablespoon of hitam coffee powder.3. A tablespoon of crème4. A half teaspoon of plain chocolate powder.5. Hot water6. Three teaspoomenjadi of sugarSteps:1. First, prepare a glass to serve the coffee2. Second, add the coffee powder, chocolate powder, and crème into the glass.3. Third, add sugar and liquid milk into the glass.4. Fourth, pour the hot water into the glass and stir it.5. Last, a cup of milk coffee is ready to serve. Enjoy it with biscuit or bread.Contoh 4How to Masetelah Coffee by Usingi french press MethodIngredients and Equipment:1. Water2. Coffee powder3. Perancis tekan Coffee MakerSteps:1. First, masetelah sure that your perancis tekan Coffee Maker is clean.2. Second, add the coffee powder into the french Press.3. Third, boil the water. After that, wait for a minute sebelum we use it.4. Fourth, pour the hot water into perancis tekan ke bawah Coffee Maker and pour the water from the teapot. Tilt the teapot to membentuk foam which could mausai the best smell of the coffee.5. Fifth, stir it for thirty to sixty seconds.6. Sixth, press the coffee which is already stirred by the closingi case slowly.7. Finally, pour the coffee into the cup and serve it.Contoh 5How to Mausai Coffee by Usingi Vacuum MethodIngredients and Equipment:1. Water2. Coffee powder3. Vacuum Coffee MakerSteps:1. Firstly, put the coffee powder on the top part and water on the low part of the vacuum coffee maker.2. Then, the water which is already boimemerintah and put on the low part will produce steam and get into the top tube which contaipejarakan coffee powder through the pipe between the top tube and the low tube.3. After that, if all of the water has already got into the top tube, stop boilingai the water and wait until it becomes cold.4. The rest step is that we wait for the water on the top tube gopita dibawah to the low tube.5.

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If all of the steps are done, pour the coffee into a cup.6. Finally, a cup of water which is made through vacuum method is ready to serve.