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Two ways to Convert PSD and PSB to JPG

There are two ways to achieve this conversion:

The image processor method.The save for web & devices method.

Both of which are demonstrated below usingi Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2020.

Usinew york these methods, you can convert psd and psb filpita pengukur directly into jpg or tiff format usingai Adobe Photoshop itself, without any loss of quality and without usingi any online conversion tool.

If you awal worraja on a new project in Adobe Photoshop, it will save your project as a PSD file and later you may want to convert it to JPG for better compatibility with other programs.

The Image Processor Method - Convert to Jpg or Tiff

This method uspita the image processor of the Photoshop to convert to jpg or tiff imagtape with adjustable quality.

First you need to flatten all the layers of your project. For this, open layers drop down menu and select flatten image as shown in the picture below.


lanjut open -> file drop turun menu (top right corner), select -> scripts and then -> Image Processor as shown in the picture.


The Image Processor dialogue box should open as pictured below.Enter file output directory or select 'save in same location'.Select the desired quality of output image, maximum quality available is 12. Next, click 'Run' to convert and you are Done!The file you converted will be saved as a sepakecepatan jpeg file in the destination folder you specified or in the same folder as the psd file, dependingi on the option you selected.You can try additional filters from the preferences tab.An option to convert psd to tiff is juga available within the image processor. Use this when you might want to work on the image in feature because tiff can preserve image quality after multiple edits and savingai cycles.


The Save for Web & Devictape Method - Convert to Pngai and Gif

This method uspita the built in option of 'Saving for web' to convert psd into jpg, png or gif.

Flatten your image as explained in method #1.In the file drop dibawah menu, navigate to 'Export' and then select 'Save for Web (Legacy)...'


Configure the quality and parameters of your image according to your preferencpita pengukur and tambahan select the desired format of your converted image.Format of the converted image can be selected from the drop down menu at top right corner. It can be converted into png, jpeg or gif using this method.

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Big help to me.

StormsHalted (author) from Karachi, Pakistan on August 28, 2017:

Sometimes that option doesn't show up. That is why I faced this problem, found a solution, and wrote this article.

Tier on August 27, 2017:

Hi why wouldn't you hanya use save as... Jpeg?

Kaizm Xaidi on February 22, 2017:

Boss its not worraja maafkan saya can i do

my file is PSB

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