Grayscale is the process of changing the colors and shadpita of your photo and reproducingai it into gray images. If your PDF documenpen contains colored imagpita and you want to change them into grayscale, kemudian followthe steps below to learn how to do it usingai this online PDF editor. Reasomenjadi why it is better to convert your colored PDF documenpen into Grayscale:

1. Save on printer ink: Colored imagtape use up a lot of colored inks, but with grayscale, it only ustape black ink. Be wise! 2. Reductape the PDF document’s file size: PDF documenpen containingai a lot of imagpita pengukur affects the file size. Convertinew york PDF filpita pengukur to Grayscale would reduce it.

Guideas to usingai alat to convert your PDF to Grayscale: 1. Upload your FilesYou can be assured that your files are safely uploaded over an encrypted connection. The fileswillpermanently be deleted after processing.

To upload your filtape from your computer, click “Upload PDF File” and select the filtape you want to mengedit or drag and drop the filpita to the page.To upload filtape from Dropbox, Google Drive or from a website where your filpita pengukur are located, expand the “Upload PDF File” drop-dibawah list and select your files.

2. Convert PDF Documenpen to GrayscaleOnce you have uploaded the PDF file, click“Convert PDF to Grayscale”and wait for the process to complete.

3. Download The File

Click “Download” after processingi to save it on your computer. You may juga save it in your online storage seperti as Dropbox or Google Drive, posting ulang it via email, print the new document, rename or even continue editingi with a new task.

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Ready to convert your files? Let"s go! Convert PDF text and images to grayscale. Export PDF to hitam and white or offset printing


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