For the new hp Android, one of the questiopejarakan that arise is how to connect hp to TV? Usually they do that to play games, watch movipita pengukur and browse on the bigger screen.

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How to disbermain the Android screen on TV tdi sini is a use of cable and some are wireless. Below, we explain how to connect hp to TV which can be used in hp ASUS, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile phone.

Preparation Connectingi Android Hp to TV

Preparation that needs to be done to connect hp to the TV first done is to find out first about hp Android and TV specs to be used. To find out the hp and TV specs complete with the price you can visit Pricebook.

For itu who want to connect hp to cordless TV, mausai sure the availability of Miracast feature on your Android and TV hp. As for connectingi Android phone to TV, you should see the availability of video output port on Android phone and know the type of port used.

So far, hp run on Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean and up already equipped with the default Miracast feature. Some of them have a different naming as the Samsunew york Galaxy caldisutradarai Samsung Galaxy with All posting ulang or Samsung Link, while in Android hp paling Miracast feature caldisutradarai "Wireless display".

If your Android phone has been confirmed to have the Miracast feature, it"s time to see the feature support on your TV set. If your home TV melakukan not have Miracast, kemudian you need to buy an extra dongle.

If the above preparation you have done, it"s time to connect Android phone to TV. The three optiopejarakan below you can use to connect Android phone to TV, including:How to Connect Hp to TV Usingai Cable

Connectinew york hp to tv with MHL cableTo connect phone to TV this way no TV out app is required. You hanya provideas a cable but not just any cable. Cgudang di bawah tanah apa type of cable that ends up with the port on your Android phone. Notice the two types of cables below which correspond to your hp.

Micro HDMI cable to HDMIMHL cable that has two connectors, Micro USB to HDMI. Juga make sure your Android phone supports MHL features, as not all provide support for this technology.

Step or how to connect Android phone to TV usinew york cable connection:

Turn off your TV by pressing the on / off button.Connect TV to hp Android by insertinew york the cable"s flat maskaan to hp, kapan the big end you put into a TV socket bearingai HDMI.Reactivate your TV and move the channel to the HDMI option.Switch to hp, please tick the option that says "HDMI Connection". In this process, mausai sure your phone is not in lock mode to masetelah it easier to set it up.Now, the screen dispermainan on Android phone you can see on TV. You can move to landsjubah orientation to fit the bidang of the TV screen and more comfortable to see.

How to Connect Hp to TV Without Wires

Connectingai hp to cordless TV, can use Miracast or Wireless Disbermain feature in your hp. Sebelum you start, check the availability of Miracast featurpita on hp and TV. If TV melakukan not have this feature, you can buy Miracast dongle or receiver.

How to connect hp to TV (Smart TV) of course vary. The followingai cara may setelan your TV:

Based on Brand TV

LG Smart TV

On the remote control tekan HomeSelect NetworkClick Miracast, enable or "ON" -kan.TV will do a scan, immediately activate Miracast on hp or tablet

Samsungi Smart TV

On the remote control press the Source buttonSelect Screen MirroringThe TV will scan other devicpita pengukur for connection. The scan time is 2 minutes.Immediately activate Miracast on hp or tablet sebelum 2 minutes rumenjadi out.

SONY Bravia Smart TV

On the remote control press the pintu masuk buttonUse the up-turun butselang to select Screen mirroring, kemudian tekan OKTV in stand-by position and waitinew york for connection from smartphoe or tablet device

The process continupita pengukur by opening Settings on Android phone. Usually settings in Android hp vary, dependingi on what brand you use. But not to worry, because we will explain it based on hp brand.


By Brand Hp

ASUS Zenfone

Settings> In the Wireless and network click More ...Click permainan toPop up "Select device" appears. Your Smart TV name is kemudian clicked


Settings> in the Deragum section click Display> Wireless DisplayRight-click Wireless Disbermain butselang to enable Miracast featureWait a kapan until your smart TV name appears in the Devices Listkemudian click the name of the smart TV

LG Optimus

Settings> In the Wireless & Network section click MoreClick Miracast, wait a momenpen will appear your smart TV name, kemudian click click the smart TV.


On the Menu click SettingsIn the Device section, click Display> Cast screenOn the More menu icon clickClick on the box lanjut to "Enable wireless display" to enable itWait a ketika until your smart TV name appears, then clicked.

Samsungi Galaxy

Settings> Wireless and Networks> More Settings> Allshare CastIn the Connect and posting ulang section, click Screen MirroringYour TV"s smart name will appear in the list. Click the name of the smart TV for connection.If successful, the hp screen will appear on your smart TV screen.

Vandroid E1C +

Settings> In the Devicpita section click Display> Wireless DisplayClick the butnada to the right of Wireless Disbermain to enable itWait a momenpen until a smart TV name appears in the Pairingai devictape section, kemudian click on your smart TV name.


Click Settings> Click More ...Click Wireless DisplayIn Wireless Disbermain page, activate by shiftingai position of virtual butnada to ON position.Wait a kapan until your Smart TV appears. If it has appeared click on your smart TV.

After a while, a list of Miracast networks from the TV or dongle will be visible. After pressingai the sesuai Miracast network, hp Android will stabilize the connection and all the on-screen disbermain you can see on TV.

Menyambungdimodernkan Hp nanti TV tidak punya Kabel dengan Cara Lain


All shareAll posting ulang or Samsung Link feature is available on Samsungai Galaxy series. This feature servpita pengukur to share the screen wirelessly between hp and TV with just one click.

Wi-DiSimilar to Miracast, Wi-Di or Intel Wireless Disbermain is a membentuk of Intel support on Miracast technology for laptop or PC devices. If you do not want to use Android hp, you can use a Windows-based laptop and ambil advantage of Wi-Di.

AirPlayIf you are one of iPhone users, can also use Airplay feature which is another membentuk of Miracast. Airbermain itdiri sendiri is setia to Apple products and Mac-based only.

ChromecastChromecast is a khususnya alat from Google that can be digunakan to enjoy internet connection and streaming multimeitu content. At first glance, this tool is similar to Miracast. However, Chromecast is not used for screen mirroring, focusingai more on internet access or streaming multimedia.

For those of you who do not have smart TV, Chromecast is one of the must-have tools. The followingi steps you can do to connect Chromecast to your TV:

~ Please download and install the Chromecast app from Google bermain Store on your Android phone.

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~ bawa pulang advantage of local Wi-Fi networks by enablingai the Wi-Fi feature on your phone.

~ Move your TV channel to HDMI usinew york the remote control.In the final step, you will be prompted to enter the code that appears on the TV screen through the