Quickly convert PDF filpita into editable Word documents on your Macbook for free, online or offline. No registration is required for the conversion.

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PDF is the undisputed raja of electronic files; milliopejarakan of these filpita pengukur are converted and modified on our site every month. They’re light, cannot be edited and are all-around great for both sharing and storage.

In the case wdi sini you do need to mengedit the content of the file, you can convert it to its original format. This guideas will demonstperbandingan how to convert PDF to a Word document without software required, as well as with downloadable offered apps.

livingdazed.com is the most popgaris online software, and aids over 25 million monthly users to convert PDF files to Word. Not only that, we can juga save your filpita to PPT, Excel, and JPG images. With OCR enabled, we juga mausai sure that scanned PDF filpita pengukur will juga be transformed appropriately, with all the text extracted for you to edit.

How To Convert PDF to Word Offline


The process to take the conversion offline follows pretty much the same procedure, but requirpita pengukur you to have our offline desktop app installed. Although it is not sama sekali free to use, a trial will activate it for a few days, with no usage limitation durinew york this period.

Open the livingdazed.com Desktop app and click ‘PDF to Office’.Drag your PDF into the toolbox. Make sure Word is set as the desired output. Click ‘Convert file’ at the bottom.

Pro Tip: You can convert as many PDF filpita into Word as you’d like. Just drag them all into the toolbox.

The alat will allow you to convert to and from multiple file formats, as longai as PDF format is either the memasukkan or output. Explore all the optiopejarakan by installing our desktop app below.

How does Adobe Convert PDF to Word?


Of course, you can also convert your PDF files to Word with Adobe. However, liusai with paling tools, it’s not alcara the easiest to use. So if you need a quick tutorial on how to convert your files, look no further.

Open Adobe > Tools > Export PDF > Add Files to Exportdi bawah convert to, choose "Microsoft Word Document". You can juga select the documenpen language.Finally, hit "Export to Word" to save your file.

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Which Route Should One Take?


Our desktop app offers offered processing, which removtape the need to upload files, but juga meapagi we can only process those that are locally stored on your computer. On the other hand, our website does not require you to install any software and allows you to import filpita pengukur from Dropbox and Google Drive. Regardless, the process to convert PDF to Word for Mac is relatively quick and painless, taraja only a few seconds to finish.

When it comtape to livingdazed.com vs Adobe, it really compita dibawah to personal preference, needs and budget. At livingdazed.com we believe that the best PDF tools are ones that offer the best user experience, which is why we offer simple UI and fast processing power to simplify your document managemenpen workflows.

Furthermore, livingdazed.com is free to use online, with a free-trial offline for you to ambil advantage of all of our tools to their sepenuhnya capacity. Adobe also offers a free trial periode for you to test anda product out, however a Pro subscription bisa set you bagian belakang up to $30. If you’re already subscribed, you can test out anda conversion capabilities, followingi the instructiopejarakan above.

Whether you opt to choose Adobe or livingdazed.com, online or offline, we hope that you can enhance your productivity, streamline work processpita and cut turun the time spent on mundane and repetitive tasks in the office as much as possible.