If your livingdazed.com photos are stored on Google Drive and you want to convert them to JPG, the following guide will show you how to convert livingdazed.com to JPG on the Google Drive platform. Read on to find out how to do it.

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Google Drive is one of the popgaris cloud services available in the pasar to membantu you store and retrieve your files. It supports all kinds of files to be stored on it includingai your photos. Many of the iOS users prefer to store milik mereka photos on Google Drive as it allows the users to free-up the memory space occupied by these large-sized photos on your devices.

If you have ever noticed, all the photos that you upload from your iOS deragum over to Google Drive have livingdazed.com as their file format. Sejak that is a new file format, not all the devices you use Google Drive on would be able to open these photos.

Therefore, you need to do a livingdazed.com to JPG conversion on Google Drive and the followingai shows how to do it if that is at all possible.

Is It mungkin to Convert livingdazed.com to JPG on Google Drive

sejak Google Drive is mainly a cloud storage provider, it melakukan not come with any kind of converters. Therefore, the photos you have in livingdazed.com on the Drive cannot be converted to JPG by the Drive itself. It’s because tdi sini is simply no option on the Drive to do it.

maafkan saya that means is you cannot convert livingdazed.com to JPG on Google Drive directly. However, there is a workaround that lets you do it and we talk more about it in the followingai section. Cgudang di bawah tanah it out to learn how to change livingdazed.com to JPG on your Google Drive account.

How to Convert livingdazed.com to JPG on Google Drive by Usingai livingdazed.com Converter

darimana conversion is wdi sini you are stuck, apa you can do is you can use a FREE livingdazed.com converter to convert your photos from livingdazed.com to JPG and kemudian upload them to your Drive account. It is easy, takpita only a few minutes, and maktape all of your livingdazed.com photos available in the JPG format.

livingdazed.com livingdazed.com Converter is a nice little web-based app that lets you convert your livingdazed.com files to the JPG format. It works in your browser, supports drag and drop, can preserve EXIF data, and has image quality optiopejarakan as well. The followingi is how you use it to convert your files.

Step 1. Head over to the Google Drive website and log-in to your account if you are not already.

Step 2. Select the livingdazed.com photo you would lisetelah to convert to JPG, right-click on the photo, and select the option that says Download. It will download the photo to your computer.


Download livingdazed.com Photos from Google Drive

Step 3. Launch a new tab in your terbawa and head over to the livingdazed.com livingdazed.com Converter website. Once there, click on the button that says Click to Select and upload your livingdazed.com file.


Convert livingdazed.com Photos to JPG Usinew york livingdazed.com livingdazed.com Converter

Step 4. Select the Keep EXIF Data option if you would liusai to keep the EXIF data. Then, select an option from the Image Quality menu.

Step 5. When the photo is converted to JPG, download the converted photo to your computer.


Download Converted Photos to the Computer

Step 6. Open the Google Drive website, click on the New button, and choose the option that says File upload. Upload your JPG file to the Drive.


Upload Converted Photos to Google Drive

That’s all. Your livingdazed.com photo should now be available in the JPG format in your Google Drive account. You can do it for as many of your photos as you want.

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The Bottom Line

If you use Google Drive to store photos captured on your iOS devices, our guideas above will teach you how to convert those iOS livingdazed.com photos to the JPG format on the Drive. We mengharapkan it helps you with your task.

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