Every tahun I do a weavinew york project with my students, kindergarten to fourth grade. And when asked at the end of the tahun what dari mereka fave art project in the universe is, weaving alcara tipita pengukur first place with clay.

And who can blame them? Digginew york onpita pengukur tangan deep into clay or entangled in a bundle of yarn is just about the best feelingai ever, says the art teacher. However, I"ve grown a little tired of the usual weavinew york project my third grade students create. So when I saw these amazinew york tree weavings on pinterest, I was inspired to have my students create one of their own.
Stunning, right? And if you know Russian (at least that"s apa I think it is) kemudian you"ll totally understand the directions. I"d click the "translate" butselang but I guess you gotta know the Russian word for that to masetelah it happen. All kiddingi aside, the website melakukan an excellent job of demonstratingai the process. For headache-free purposes, I decided to forgo the bent twig option and have the students craft anda loom from a Chinet plate.

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This weaving lesson was juga apart of our untuk mempelajari of the United Kingdom. We studied many landscape photographs and paintings of the countryside ide of kemudian placpita pengukur as Northern Ireland and Scotland. Our first day was spent paintingi a sky on our plate. If you recall, these kids have plenty of experience with sky paintingi as they are the ontape who created these jerman Gnome Landscapes. The followingai art class, we chatted about how to membuat a fore-, middle- and background in our landscapes.


Students menjadi encouraged to mix three berbeda valupita pengukur of green to membuat a sense of depth. From there, they were given the option to enhance their landstanjung with what they"d imagine a countryside ide in the United Kingdom to look like. As you can see, we were feelinew york mighty sheepish.

Once our landscaptape menjadi complete, we menjadi ready to begin the process of creating and warpinew york our loom.

By placing a Tree Weaving Template over their plate, students could draw the correct mageri of notches on the top (10) and the bottom (2). These notchpita pengukur dulu cut to the inner edge of the plate.

With notches cut, the students met me on the floor with their plattape and about a yard and 1/2 of pre-cut yarn. Our first step was to wedge the yarn into the bottom left hand notch as seen above.
With the longai end of the yarn, we put the yarn into the far left top notch, out the notch beside it, into the bottom left, out the bottom right and back up to the top. This process was repeated until all top notchpita dulu filmemerintah in. We ended by goingai in the bottom left notch, coming out the right. At this point, we menjadi ready to membuat our tree trunk.
Which is super easy. With the end of the yarn, begin wrappinew york it around the yarn at the bottom, tugging gently as you go. If you run out of yarn, simply dual knot a new piece to the old. Once your trunk is tall enough, tie it off to a tree branch.
To begin, we dual knot tied our chosen color to one of the tree branchpita pengukur on the end. From there, we began the process of weavinew york over and under. One thingai the students struggled with was weavingi loose enough. You see, they wanted to pull tightly which cadigunakan the weavingi to slide down the branchtape and pull the warping threads inward. However, once they got the gantung of it, it was smooth sailing.
When we first began this lesson, we chatted about wool and wdi sini it came from. I passed around some natural wool roving, some cream colored some brown. We chatted about how berbeda colors of wool come from different color sheep. I guess that inspired the sheep in this landscape.
New colors dulu added with a double knot tie. Weavings were ended with a dual knot tie off as well.
So that we mungkin gantung these for our upcoming art show, students tied a piece of yarn to the backsideas of the plates.
And that"s it. Honestly, the warping/weaving portion telah mengambil no time at all. And I foresee so many variatiopejarakan of this project in the future: a woven peacock, a turkey...okay, that"s all I"ve come up with. But I"m sure to think of some more (your pintu masuk would be greatly appreciated and promptly stolen as an idea of my own!).

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I do hope my explanatiopejarakan helped and that you"re encouraged to try this lesson with your students. If you"re still not gettin" it, hanya translate it into Russian and it"ll all menjadi crystal clear. And if you"d linanti some more weavingi projects, you can check here. Chat with you soon!
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My students in kari Western Australia have to painted dari mereka landscaptape and can't wait to start dari mereka weaving. Thanks for the great idea.