Want to connect Twitter to Facebook but don’t know how? Follow the tutorial on how to connect Twitter to Facebook below!

Are you aktif on Twitter and Facebook at the same time? Tweets that you post on Twitter you usually copy and paste to Facebook for negara updatpita with the same text.

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Know that the manual method is so cumbersome and outdated.

I want to tell you, tdi sini is a way so that the tweets that we post on Twitter can also be posted on Facebook statusnya automatically.

So, we don’t have to bother copying tweets on Twitter to Facebook status anymore.

How to? The trick is to connect Twitter with Facebook.

How to? You can do this by readingai the tutorial on how to connect Twitter to Facebook below.


In the past, Twitter and Facebook bisa be connected very easily. Tdi sini is an resmi feature for this. We can even set it in the Facebook or Twitter settings section.

This feature makpita it easier for us in many cara when we are aktif on sosial media. One of them, we can post the same thingai on both platformulir at once, without the need to copy and post again manually.

But unfortunately, this feature is now no longer available, allegedly due to a data misuse case that hit Facebook some time ago.

From there, Facebook kemudian updated its Platmembentuk aturan and removed this connection with Twitter.

In the past, we bisa activate this feature on the https://www.facebook.com/Twitter/ page. But now, if the halaman is opened, it will be redirected to the resmi Twitter profile halaman to https://www.facebook.com/TwitterInc/.

Let me see!


We tambahan don’t know if this feature will be permanently disabmemerintah or only temporarily. It is mungkin that this feature will be held again with new policies.

But, apart from that, even though we can’t connect Twitter to Facebook via official features, we can still do it with third-party apps.

What’s the application? Here..

IFTTT, Application to Connect Twitter to Facebook

Fortunately, tdi sini is now a service from the IFTTT (If This kemudian That) app. This application is actually very popular, especially for masyarakat meitu activists.

Basically, IFTTT providpita a serkejahatan that allows us to perform an action on two or more applicatiopejarakan or devicpita automatically, by connectingi two or more applications.

In essence, the IFTTT app is designed to automate multiple commands with hanya one click.

IFTTT has juga been integrated with more than 500 application servicpita pengukur or devices, from Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, Instagram, Android, WordPress, DropBox, and so on.

Well, in this context, we can juga connect Twitter with Facebook usingai IFTTT.

To install the IFTTT application, you can download it on the permainan Store for Android or the App Store if you use Apple.

1. How to Connect Twitter to Facebook with IFTTT

before followingi this tutorial, make sure you have installed the IFTTT application on your cell phone.

In addition, I juga recommend loggingai in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to facilitate the login process in the IFTTT application.

Oh yes, you need to know too, this method works so that maafkan saya you post on Facebook will automatically be posted on Twitter too.

But not keburukan versa, what you tt on Twitter will not be posted on Facebook automatically.

If you understand, please follow these steps:

Step #1: Open the IFTTT app, then Continue with Facebook. Log in using your Facebook account.Step #2: Once logged in, it will look like the image below. Then, tap Explore.



Step #5: After that, you will be directed to the Twitter Authorize IFTTT page to access your account? to request application access.

If you are not logged in to Twitter, first fill in the Username and Password fields with your Twitter account.

If so, hanya select Authorize app.

Step #6: After that, you will be immediately redirected to the IFTTT Facebook halaman requestingai access to …, to request access to the app.

If you haven’t logged in yet, please login first.

If so, select Continue as <your name>.

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Step #7: After requesting access to Twitter and Facebook, the Connect switch will change to Connected with the switch butvolume on the right side.