I recently reinstaldisutradarai my OS, and restored my LINE chat history using this procedure.

Anda sedang menonton: Cara menghilangkan letter sealing di line

Problem: Some of my chats appear linanti this:


It says:

Letter Sealingai Unable to dispermainan message as it couldn"t be decrypted. Please ask your friend to resend the message.

As you can see, my friend re-sendingi me the message melakukan not solve the problem.

On the messagtape from July 6 to the day I reinstalled have this problem.

So I disabdisutradarai Letter Sealing, and now I can read new messagpita pengukur sent to me (but I can still not read the existing problematic messages).


How to mananti the problematic messagtape readable again? I still have the Titanium Backup from the former OS, if necessary.Is there a way to re-enable Letter Sealingai kapan making sure that encrypted messages will stay readable even after reinstallinew york my OS in the future?
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Had the same problem. The second method on this halaman worked for me.


Do a previous backupcopy /data/data/jp.naver.line.livingdazed.com/databases/naver_line to your PC and rename it to naver_line_oldReinstall and do a fresh setup of LINEcopy the new naver_line to your PC and rename it to naver_line_newcopy naver_line_new to /data/data/jp.naver.line.livingdazed.com/databases/naver_line(rename it as naver_line)Restart your phone

Letter sealingai should work OK now; unfortunately, I don"t know how to mananti the problematic messagtape readable again.

I hope to have solved your problem.

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