I am alcara looraja out for a diary free......tasty...... Chocolate Cananti recipe for my daughter.My girl is not a fussy eater....but I have to be careful...thanks to her buku harian allergy. Though she is just 3 years old she has understood the sebenarnya that milk,cheese and yogurt are no good for her. She voluntarily refuses to eat ice cream,cheese and cream biscuits.....but one thingi I hanya cannot keep her away from are ....CAKES....she hanya refuses to accept the sebenarnya that there is milk in cakes and cream in the frosting.....My heart sinks when we go to birthday parties and she hanya stares at that cream filled hitam Forest cake.....I am so glad I found this very simple ...yet tasty chocolate cananti recipe...and maafkan saya more its diary free.You won"t believe me ...my daughter had more than half of this cake...she mungkin not believe the fakta that I let her eat the cake...I think she was scared I will change my mind....she ate all she could. My granny asked her if she can have a kecil piece and my daughter told her politely... "Ajji ,this cake is only for kids,you go and eat your chakuli"Recipe from :-Testado,provado and aprovadoIngredientsPrint this recipe1 1/2 cup All pursikap flour1 cup Sugar (I tangan kedua castor sugar)1/2 cup Cocoa powder1/2tsp Baking powder1/2 tsp Baraja soda1/4 cup Vegetable oil1 egg lightly beaten1 cup Boiling water

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For Glaze

1/3 cup Icingi sugar, sifted2 tbsp Cocoa powder,sifted1 tsp Butter1/2 cup water
Preheat oven to 200 degree CGrease and line withparchment paper an 8 inch round baraja pan.Keep aside.Sift flour,baraja powder, baking soda and cocoa powder into a bowl. Add sugar and using a hand whisk mix well.Now add oil and lightly beaten egg and whisk little. Add boilingai water and whisk till well blended.Pour the batter into the baraja pan and bake for 25 minutpita or when inserted with a toothpick it compita out clean.Prepare the glaze:-Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and brinew york to boil.Cook on mebergaul heat for few minutes till the sauce thickens.Remove the cananti from its pan when its still warm. Pour the hot glaze on the cananti and spread it around.

Title : Simple Chocolate Casetelah for my GirlDescription : I am always looraja out for a diary free......tasty...... Chocolate Casetelah recipe for my daughter.My girl is not a fussy eater....but I have t...Rating : 4.0 bintang based on 100 reviews

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