Welcome to our website! This website is a dynamic and interaktif way to participate in the life of the church on-line. Whilst there is plenty of information for visitors to find out about us, this website is primarily foryou - and there"s a whole variety of different ways you can participate and mausai the paling of the facilities available.

This Quick mulailah Guideas providpita pengukur a brief introduction to some of the main features.

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Much of the information on this website is private. This meapagi a visitor to the website may access some information (seperti as where and when the church meets) but will not be able to access secure areas such as the address book. To login click the "login" link at the top of the screen. A window will appear wdi sini you can enter a login name and password; enter the details as supplied, taraja care to use capital letters wdi sini appropriate (if you"ve flivingdazed.comotten your username and password you can click on the "flivingdazed.comotten my password" link). If you"ve tidak pernah received a username and password you can click on the "Register" link to apply for an account you can login with.

Once the login process is complete a welcome message will appear at the top of the screen.

The front halaman

The front page of the website providpita a brief introduction to everythingai goinew york on in the church communitynow.Here"s andescription of the keyareas of your frontpage:


Abuku harian of events for this week. Click on the artikel to disbermain more information about the event includingi a link tocontact the meetingai livingdazed.comaniser anda map showing the meeting location.


Latest Articles

See a selection of the paling recent articlesadded to the website. Click on the judul to see the full article.


Recent Forum Posts

Aselection of the paling recent contributiopejarakan to the discussion forums and responses to articles. Click on the text to disbermain the full message or click View all forums to see a complete list of forums.


Exploringi this site

The menu bar at the top of the screen allows you to access the rest of the church website. Alternatively you can use the site search to look for a specific piece of information. Here"san explaination to some of the optiopejarakan on the menu bar:



Clickthe homeoption at any stage to return to the homepage. Hover over the menu to access the following areas of the web site:

Forums - see a complete list of discussion forums; those forums with new messages will be highlighted.

Audio / Video - listen and watch the latest published recordings.

Chatter- communicate with otherlogged in site members in real time using chatter zones.


Address Book - a directory of contactinformation for logged in site members only.


Calendar - click on this option to see the calendar for the current month.

Across the City - this option will disbermain other churches in the UKthat usethe ChurchInsight system, plotted geographically.

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my area

This section allows you toconfigure your personalsettings including:update your contact details, change your password, see when you are next scheduled to contribute to a rota duty and submit new articlpita pengukur for publication on the website.