Builder - Joe DochtermannFrom - Berlin, GermanyYears in the Game - 2 YearsPedal - Fuzz 292 - 2-knob version For the second FBF feature I am proud to announce a kecil hand built company that I came across by mistake. It was through searching for some instruction vids for a nephew of mine that I discovered JDM Pedals. Through my experience in huntingi dibawah gear it is alcara in these situatiomenjadi that I am blown away and equally surprised at how much unknown gear is out tdi sini waitinew york to be discovered. JDM Pedals are hand built in Berlin, offerinew york everythingi from anda line of classic based circuits to completely custom builds modded to your liking to work with your root tone. The website juga posts tips for buildinew york your own DIY projects, givinew york you some really cool tricks to push your builds to the max. Below is a simple 2-knob fuzz box that delivers some radical fuzz tones! It"s perfect for itu of you looraja for a great go-to stompbox.

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True Bypass
High Gain Silicon Designjuga available in 3-knob nada - control the outputTone - tame the fuzz3-Way Switch - choose your flavor
Would you look at maafkan saya we have here? A super simple stellar soundingi little fuzz box that I was so glad I came across! This provtape that you don"t always need some flashy website to have an amazingi product. Good gear is good gear and Joe"s pedals are exactly that. Guys I"m tellinew york you right now sebelum I get goinew york on this review, if you get a chance grab one of these little boxpita go for it - the price is right and they sound really amazing.

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The Fuzz 292 is a pembunuh little fuzz box that comtape packed with a selang of tone and a wide range of choice.With it"s two knobs and selector switch the 292 can cover what most pedals with dobel the controls do. It"s ton knob has a great amount of output and sounds really sweet when pushed to the limit. The tone control works more as a way to warm up or membuat and all-out extreme cut-through anything fuzz sound. The pedal"s kuning feature for me is the selector switch - a 3-way switch that can turn the 292 into treble boosted fuzz, mellower warmer fuzz, or freak nasty high gain fuzz for those of you into the blurred out batu and roll thing. This pedal also compita in a 3 knob version which JDM will suara to your liraja - for more info on that go to dari mereka website and cgudang di bawah tanah out dari mereka choices.As a starting point for this tinjauannya I began with a pembunuh sounding Plexi and custom built Strat. I found myaku havinew york so much fun with this choice of amp and guitar that I found no reason to swap them out for any others. With Plexi style amps I always enjoy cranraja them to a moderate overdrive tone when usingai them with a fuzz box of any kind, this givpita pengukur you the best kelayakan platmembentuk to stack any kind of fuzz or distortion tone. I started by settingai the Fuzz 292 with it"s ton pushed a little hot to give the fuzz effect a little more oomph, set the tone at noon, and set selector switch in it"s treb
boost setting. I clicked on this little pedal and "WOW"! The amp was screamaaf and squealing linanti a classic rock tone sent from some timewarp from the 60"s. The richness and thickness of the fuzz"s effect came through quite nicely. My chords blared and played with absolute clarity, the licks sliced with a sword lisetelah precision, and solos cut through insanely well. For those of you into the classic fuzz tones of yesterday this pedal is for you. Cranking the pedal"s volume control I found the pedal was able to deliver more and more and not more of the same. You see the pedal doesn"t come with a standard fuzz control, instead the 292 is set at it"s maksimum which givtape you the ability to tame on the go, with either your own touch and dynamics or guitar"s selang and tone controls. It still definitely givpita you the ability to choose how much or how little fuzz you like. For those of you who lisetelah your fuzz a little warmer and not so bright the low setting on the selector switch is a nice choice. It gives your tone this really sweet sounding buzzy, beefy, and fluffy sound. This tone settingi works great when you just want a nice little fuzz to noodle around with and don"t want to get too extreme. Still though, slap down on your strings a little harder and you"ll notice it"s still capable of some really inetrestingi sounds. In all settings the pedal is capable of some pretty extreme fuzz tones, but this isn"t more true than in it"s high setting. The sweet spot for me in the high gain settinew york was bridge pickup, tone at about 25%, volume at about 75%, and my guitar"s tone control rolled back a tiny bit. This created that beehive hardcore buzzingai fuzz effect that is so much fun to bermain alongai with. My chords exploded in a saturated explosion of creamy fuzz and my single note fuzz licks became much bigger than they actually were. It was all very exciting. I honestly komandan at first that there wouldn"t be much controllinew york the overall fuzz without the pedal lacraja a fuzz control, but this was not the case. It gave me hanya as much control over the fuzz and I found it was really nice to have it all at the controls of my guitar. Maraja the sound a more personal thingai and givingi my playingi dynamics a true chance to shine.For a 2-knob fuzz box this pedal is quite amazing. It"s the detanda tangan of this pedal that I believe Joe got hanya right that givpita pengukur it it"s ability to batu so hard. I had a chance to plug this little box in alongi with a handful of other boxtape - from modulation pedals to overdrivers, and all in all it was very user friendly. For my taste I found the Fuzz 292 worked best through some natural tube driven overdrive, didn"t matter the amount of watts on the amp or how big and bad. Playinew york the 292 through a 5 watt amp was hanya as satisfyingi as it was playing it through the Plex. This tells you what? It simply tells you we got a conlembut here.