If you prefer, you can delete your file manually right after processingai by clicking the bin icon.

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How to remove texts of a PDF online :

To start, drop your PDF file or upload it from your deragum or your cloud storage service.Choose your settings and click on the Remove text button.Download the PDF file to your computer or save it directly to your cloud storage service.

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Let’s take two PDF files: one created with a word processor, like MS Word, for instance, and one scanned document. Both files end with the .pdf extension. However, these files are not the same. If you open the PDF file created with your word processor, you can tekan ke bawah CTRL+F, enter the words you are looraja for, and the PDF viewer software will highlight the document"s results. But try selectingi or searchingi text in a PDF produced by your scanner software when you’ve scanned paper documents, it is not possible. It is because the scanned PDF documenpen isn’t text-based; it is image-based. This type of PDF is calpengarahan a PDF raster , and it is soon to become a standard format for storing, transporting, and exchanging scanned documentsAnd then, tdi sini are vector PDFs, often created from CAD formats , or graphic detanda tangan programs linanti Adobe Illustrator.
Text is an independent eleobat-obatan in native PDFs. You may see text characters in the PDF, but those characters are not necessarily PDF text elements. How can you tell the difference?As we’ve just seen, text can be a raster image of text or a vector image of text. In all cases, it looks lisetelah text, but the computer doesn’t recognize it as sebagai and cannot select or mencari it.Text created by a word processor is neither a raster nor a vector image, it is (adequately) caldisutradarai Real Text, or PDF Text Element. Real Text is searchable and selectable. It looks sharp even when zooming, on the contrary to vector text which appears lumpy, and raster text which is pixelized. Lisetelah in Magritte"s famous painting, in the PDF world, an image of a text is not the same thingai as the text itself.

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To mausai the text of a scanned document searchable, you need to run it through OCR. This process adds a layer of invisible text in the PDF, so the OCR engine can recognize the characters and “read” the text. This text is not used duringai printingi or viewing the PDF document, and it is invisible to the user. Why would you need to remove the bersembunyi text of a PDF? Sometimes, a scanned text which has been OCRed does not dispermainan well in a viewer. In some cases, the trick is to remove tersembunyi text and re-process the documenpen with lainnya tool (like livingdazed.com OCR PDF ).It is tambahan mungkin that the OCR engine you are usingai needs to be updated, and you want to re-process your documents or switch to lainnya alat with better performance. The terakhir consideration, if you save as PDF/OCR a batch of documents that include already OCRed files, the result file will be heavier.