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Mananti sure your device APN is configured correctly.Your APN settings must be configured to "Internet" with username and password left blank.Follow the instructiomenjadi below for 4G APN Settings on your cellphone:APN Settings on Android phones: Settings > Mobile Network Settings > Access Point Nampita > Fill in your new APN settings. Type in "Internet" and leave your username and password blank.APN settings on iOS phones: Menu Settings > Cellgaris > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Network, then fill in your APN settings.

Refresh your Network by turningai on and off Airplane Mode (turn it on first, and kemudian turn it off). Turn On to activate the Airplane Mode, and Off to deactivate it. Mausai sure to select a single network seperti as 2G/3G/4G only and try on lagi device

If you’re tryingai to access the Internet inside a building, try to move to a part of the buildingai that has a stronger connection. For example, move from the basemenpen to open space.

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