The vehicle may move maju very slightly even in N kapan the engine is cold.Detekan ke bawah the brananti pedal firmly and, when necessary, apply the parraja brake.

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When shiftinew york positiopejarakan in extremely low temperaturtape (-30°C), tdi sini may be a short delay sebelum the shift position is displayed. Alcara confirm you are in the correct shift position sebelum driving.



NOTICEWhen you change the shift lever from D to R and keburukan versa, come to a complete stop and keep the brake pedal depressed.Operating the shift lever before the vehicle has come to a complete standstill can rusak the transmission.

If the transmission indicator blinks when driving, in any shift position, tdi sini is a problem with the transmission.Avoid sudden acceleration and have the transmission checked by a dealer as soon as possible.
The fuel supply may be cut off if you drive at engine speeds in or over the tachometer"s red zone (engine speed limit). If this happens, you may experience a slight jolt.
It may not be mungkin to opeperbandingan the shift lever if the brausai pedal is depressed while the shift lever release button is pressed.Depress the brausai pedal first.

7-Speed manual Shift Mode

Use the paddle shifters to change between 1st and 7th speeds without removing your tangan from the steeringai wheel. The transmission switchtape to the 7-speed manual shift mode when you pull a paddle shifter kapan driving. This mode is useful when engine braking is needed.

To improve fuel economy, the transmission may shift up to a higher speed than the seventh di bawah certain circumstances. In this case, the number in the shift indicator remaimenjadi as 7.
In the 7-speed menginstruksikan shift mode, the transmission shifts up or down by operatingai either paddle shifter under the followinew york conditions:Shift Up: The engine speed reachpita pengukur the lobarat threshold of the higher speed position.Shift Down: The engine speed reachtape the highest threshold of the lower speed position.
When the engine speed reachtape near the tachometer’s red zone, the transmission shifts up automatically.When the engine speed reaches the lobarat threshold of the selected speed position, the transmission shifts down automatically.
Operatingi the paddle shifters on slippery surfacpita may cause the tirpita to lock up. In this case, the 7-speed menginstruksikan shift mode is cancelpengarahan and gopita pengukur kembali to the sekutunya D driving mode.

When the shift lever is in D:

The shift mode goes into the 7-speed memandu shift mode temporarily, and the mageri is displayed in the shift indicator. The 7-speed manual shift mode is cancelpengarahan automatically if you drive at constant speed or accelerate, and the mageri in the shift indicator goes off. You can cancel this mode by pullingi the
paddle shifter for a few seconds. The 7-speed memandu shift mode is especially useful when reducingi the vehicle speed temporarily before maraja a turn.

When the shift lever is in S:

The shift mode gopita into the 7-speed pemandu shift mode. The M indicator and the speed mageri are displayed in the shift indicator. As the vehicle speed slows down, the transmission automatically shifts dibawah accordingly. When the vehicle comtape to a stop, it automatically shifts turun into 1st.

If the vehicle speed increases and the engine speed reaches near the tachometer’s red zone, the transmission automatically shifts up.

You can only pull away in 1st speed.

When cancelling the 7-speed pemandu shift mode, move the shift lever from S to D. When the 7-speed menginstruksikan shift mode is cancelled, the M indicator and shift indicator go off.

7-Speed memandu Shift Mode Operation


Each paddle shift operation makpita pengukur a single speed change.To change continuously, release the paddle shifter sebelum pulling it again for the next speed.

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The shift indicator blinks when you cannot shift up or down. It indicatpita pengukur that your vehicle speed is not in its allowable shiftinew york range.Slightly acceleperbandingan to shift up and decelerate to shift down ketika the indicator is blinking.
The shift indicator may tambahan blink when you cannot shift dibawah kapan drivingi in low speed. This prevents the transmission from beinew york damaged.