The most-watched online meeting application in the previous pandemic period was Zoom. It is not only digunakan by office workers who are required to work from home but also by lecturers and students to do online learning.

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Even this application is tambahan digunakan by online seminar activists or generally shortened by webinars. Sebelum discussing how to use zoom, any good, we will recognize more about the zoom and apa featurtape of Saka.

maafkan saya is Zoom?

Zoom is an application communication that uspita pengukur video and can be tangan kedua on a variety of mobile or desktop devices. This application is usually used face-to-face online with a large numberi of online face-to-face participants.

Hicerita of the Zoom Application

Zoom was founded by Eric Yuan, who is currently CEO of Zoom Technologies, Inc. The idea of startinew york a video conferencinew york startup started when Eric was in college and had a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend.

They were separated by 10 hours by train. In 1997 Eric moved to Silicon Valley and was accepted to work for a video conferencing company, WebEx. 10 years later the company was acquired by Cisco and Eric was appointed one of the ragum presidents.

yuan then shared the idea of creatingi a video-conferencing application. The idea was rejected by Cisco officials so Eric finally decided to retanda tangan from the company. In 2011 Eric yuan officially founded zoom.

Zoom App Features

Many features are available in this zoom app, including

HD Video and Audio

Using this application, you don"t have to worry about the quality of the resultinew york picture and sound because this application is supported by high definition or HD quality.

Default collaboration tools

Users can share screemenjadi together and join important nottape from meetinew york results for more interactive meetings with the default collaboration tools.


The existence of an end-to-end encryption feature that can be used in all meetings through the zoom application makes the security of users no longer need to be questioned. You can get added security from a password that only you know

Notpita pengukur and transcripts.

Meetingai participants can tambahan log meetings that ambil place via Zoom and kemudian save the recording on each dekejahatan or on a cloud account.

Schedulingi feature

In the zoom app, you can schedule a video conference that you will have. You can juga mulailah a video conference or meetingi through your Outlook, Gmail, or ICA account.

Team CHAT.

Chat with meeting participants who can you do easily. You can also easily find conversation history, integrated file sharing, and data that can be stored for 10 years. This feature certainly makes it easier to meet participants to masetelah calls between participants or mausai group calls.

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To use the zoom application, tdi sini are several things you have to do, here is how to use the zoom on a laptop, how to use zoom zoom meeting application on a laptop, and how to open zoom on a laptop:

How to Use Zoom on Laptop:

mencari and find zoom cloud meetings in your browser or go to https://zoom.us/To hold a meetinew york session in zoom click the "Host" menu in the top right.Click "Sign-In" to log in.You are required to have a zoom account or can connect to your Gmail account.You will be directed to download and install the zoom app on your laptopIf you want to join a meetingi session, ask for a meetinew york ID (meetingai ID) and password, and click the "Join" menuFill in the ID code and the meetinew york passwordSession zoom panggilan starts soon

How to Use Zoom on Android Phone

temukan for Zoom Cloud Meeting app on PlayStore (for Android users) and App Store (for iOS users)Download or install the app on your phone The Zoom application has been successfully instalpengarahan and is ready to useLog in usinew york your zoom account or Gmail accountIf you want to join a meeting, click the " menu Join" and enter the Meetingai ID and password providedTo membuat a Meeting, select "awal Meeting"Enter the settings kemudian find the Meeting IDand a personal password. Bagikan the link or Meetinew york ID and password with participants who will attend virtual meetingsTo schedule meetings both meetings and periodically, select Schedule OptionsUpcoming Feature can be used to change your schedule.This is a Tutorial Guide ide on How to use the Zoom Application on Smart Phones, Computers, and Laptops that you can try to practice.

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