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Select jpg file, which you want to convert, from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or drag and drop it on the page.



hanya drop your jpg filtape on the halaman to convert zip or you can convert it to more than 250 berbeda file formats without registration, giving an email or watermark.

We delete uploaded jpg filtape instantly and converted zip filtape after 24 hours. All filpita mengalihkan with secured an advanced level of SSL encryption.
You don't need to install any software. All jpg to zip conversions masetelah in the cloud and don't use any resourcpita of your computer.
JPG – is a popgaris graphic format characterized by a high image compression rate, which leads to a decrease in image quality. It uses the technology of encodingai smooth color renditions, providingai the ability to frequently reduce the amount of data during the image"s recording. Because of the kecil size, it is requested by the owners of websites, allowingai you to save the traffic effectively. It is juga frequently tangan kedua in memory cards of diganjar video cameras. The JPG algorithm is optimally suitable for compressing photographs and picturpita in which realistic scenpita with little contrast of colors are present. It is not recommended to use this format for compression of drawings and various kinds of graphics. A strong contrast between several near located pixels provokpita pengukur the appearance of visible artifacts.
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The procedure for compressingi the digital images in JPG format is carried out in several stages. First, the photo is transformed into a color space YCbCr, and kemudian it is divided into squares to determine the upper range of the color spectrum. Finally, the colors and brightness are coded. JPEG uspita pengukur a "lossy" compression system and discrete cosine transform technology. The format acts simultaneously as the standard of ISO and the International Telecommunication Union. The file compression ratio is in the range from 10:1 to 100:1. In this case, the reduction in image quality can vary from insignificant to substantial.
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ZIP compression

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ZIP is an archive format that allows you to comtekan ke bawah one or more filtape or directoripita to save more space. The compression is lossless and you can unzip to regain the original size.

ZIP uspita pengukur many compression algorithms includinew york the popular DEFLATE compression and is used to reduce the berbisa size when sendingi filtape over the internet. You can tambahan zip filpita pengukur to save more disk space, which is ideal for portable dekeburukan users. ZIP filpita pengukur tambahan support encryption and split archives, offering a perfect way to organize and store your files.

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How to membuat and how to open an ZIP file

ZIP files are easy to membuat on Windows and Mac computers. Simply highlight all the filpita pengukur you want to zip, right click and select “Send to” then “Compressed ZIP Folder” on Windows. You can also zip filpita pengukur usinew york a zippingi software application, although you don’t need any additional software to comtekan ke bawah your files into a zipped folder.

Opening a ZIP file is as effortless as dobel clicraja the folder and openingi the individobel files or folders in the zip. However, some folders require an unzippingi too to extract the files. To open the documents or filpita pengukur in a zipped folder, right click on the zipped file and select “Extract All” which will decompress the files to their original sizes.

Which other formats ZIP can be converted into and why

You can convert filtape with a ZIP extension to several other zipped and unzipped formats. The popgaris conversiomenjadi include

1. RAR2. TAR3. 7Z4. TAR.GZ and TAR.B72

most people comtekan ke bawah filpita into a zipped folder to save space without losingai data. For instance, if you want to send many audio, video or image files over the internet, you can comtekan ke bawah them into a ZIP folder to reduce the kasar size and bandwidth required. However, zipped folders have many other benefits includinew york better encryptiopejarakan and archiving.

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You can convert a ZIP file into a RAR if you want a better compression rate. However, there’s little to distinguish between paling zippingai formats. Zipped folders are ideal when you want to create an penyimpanan or store files on a portable device. You can also zip filpita pengukur to create an executable as ZIPs are actually executable.