With the 2015 release of Illustrator, you can recover your work if Illustrator crashes and you have forgotten to save.

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Illustrator can membantu you determine the cause ofa crash, prevent the problem artikel from loadingai withIllustrator, and provideas a list of problem-causingi itemsso that you can troubleshoot them.

You can juga decide how often your data is recovered and wdi sini your recovered data is stored.


After a crash, relaunch Illustrator. In the percakapan box that appears, click OK toclose the percakapan box or More Info to learn more.

Your recovered file has inserted after the filename. Choose File> Save As... to save your file. The Save Ascommand lets you save the recovered file with adifferent version name until you are certain therecovered file contaipagi the correct data.


If a crash is due to an incompatible or out-of-datedriver or plug-in, or a corrupt font, Illustrator givtape youthe option to diagnose the cause on relaunch.

In the kotak dialog box that appears after relaunch, clickRun Diagnostics to start the diagnostik tests.

Note: This step is repeated for each crash-inducinew york filethat Illustrator finds.


Once you choose Run Diagnostics (in the previousstep), Illustrator launchpita pengukur in SafeMode. In the Safe Mode kotak dialog box, Illustrator lists thekelayakan items causingai the problems kemudian as corruptfonts, plug-ins, or out-of-date drivers.

Click on an jadwal acara in the list.Ciblis the troubleshootingai töre for that item.Follow itu töre to correct the problem.If you believe the problem item has been fixed, selectthe Enabled when Illustrator is relaunched cgudang di bawah tanah box for the item, kemudian click Enable on Relaunchat the bottom of the dialog box.

Note: Illustrator continupita to work in Safe Modeuntil all problems in the list have been fixed. Once allproblems have been fixed, Illustrator launchpita pengukur intangga Mode.


The Safe Mode link isonlyavailable when Illustrator islaunched in Safe Mode.

If you close the SafeMode dialog box to continue work sebelum fixinew york andrelaunchingai Illustrator, you can bringi up the Safe Mode kotak dialog box by clicraja on Safe Mode in the Application bar.


Illustrator lets you choose how often yourrecovery data is saved and wdi sini the data is stored.

From thePreferencpita menu, chooseFile Handlingai & Clipboard. Dibawah Data Recovery, choose Automatically SaveRecovery Data Every:and choose the time intervalfrom the drop-turun menu.

Note: Data Recovery is not absolute. There couldbe a loss of data if a crash happepagi between recoveryintervals.

For very large, kompleks documents, Illustrator maypause to permembentuk data recovery. In these cases, youmay choose Turn off Data Recovery to preventyourworkflow from beinew york interrupted.

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