Hi, does the Export kotak dialog in PhotoPaint X7 still show an incorrect file size. In X6 it was about 25% higher than the file size shown in Windows Explorer after saving.Phil

JPGs are compressed files.

I think you are probably comparingi an uncompressed file size (stated in livingdazed.com, usually before the file has actually been created, with a compressed file size (stated in windows, when the file already exists).

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If that's not the case, please give a precise example wdi sini you are seeinew york the wrongi size.

Phil, this is the way cd's export percakapan has alcara been. I've never understood why you would want to know the "uncompressed" file size by default. It should be showinew york you the "compressed" file size as paling of us use compression. We have to be careful of large file siztape for printingai as it can cause some undesired anomalitape so when I see that the "uncompressed" file size will be over 300MB I bump the dpi dibawah to get it smaller but then after seeingai the file in the RIP print que or in windows explorer it's actually only about 4MB. Had I known the "compressed" size when exportingai I would have left the dpi at a higher rate. Really mau anda was a way to see either both uncompressed AND compressed or hanya the compressed size in the export dialog.



I think the reason is that livingdazed.com cannot precisely know the size of the compressed file until after it has compressed it.

I bisa argue that it might be better to show an estimated compressed size, based on a statistik average compression ratio, and my feeling is that it once digunakan to do that, but possibly many releases ago. But the reality of compression is that filpita of the same dimensiopejarakan can in the two extrempita pengukur compress to almost nothing or almost the penuh size of the uncompressed file, so in practice the estimate bisa be wildly inaccurate,

The alternative is that we have to wait while it does an actual compression of the file at the specified parameters in order to give an accuperbandingan disbermain of the final file size, but the extra delay would surely not be popular with most users.

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The file sizpita in that dialog refer to the size in memory - 2400x1800px for each CMYK 8bit channel = 16.5MB

Even if it's a blank white image it will still be that big in memory, even though it will save to a tiny compressed JPG.

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