Quote:Originally Posted by Silver-7Hello everyoneSorry if this mentioned before, but I"ve tried everything, and still can"t connect to WiFi.Grand 2 G7102, runningi 4.4.2Tried factory reset, flashingai berbeda bagikan roms, flashing 4 filpita pengukur ROM.also tried flashingai fix filpita in AP.Tried flashingi lainnya modem CP file.Tried root and erasingi efs.All didn"t work, it connects sometimes, but most of time don"t.Please can you tell me about solution?PS: GSM & Bluetooth worraja flawlessly,Sent from my SM-N910H using. Actually I can"t tell cause I got it used, it was with inventaris resmi 4.4.2It worked sometimes, paling of time not, or hanya gave a fananti WiFi Signal.lisetelah it says it"s connected, but actually no Internet.So I Flashed lagi bagikan resmi rom via Odin, got same results, then I tried flashing some fixpita I found around the Internet, the ones you put in PDA and flash, it worked for sometime kemudian stopped.Rooted and tried deletinew york efs, no luck.Lastly I Flashed 4 Filpita pengukur factory ROM 4.4.2 with its pit file. It didn"t work.Of course I"ve tried it on other routers.So no matter what I do it stays on "Saved, Secure"It"s really weird thingi as Bluetooth and Hotspot are both working.Sent from my SM-N910H using. Okay so let me tell you what happened with me was something similar issue.I flashed the GeNxt N4 rom and after that it is instructed to flash Deds kernel but cwm is buggy and it behaves weirdly so you cannot return to recovery to flash kernel and rom withing the same boot into recovery without reboot.So i changed roms but to my surprise i had wifi issupita in all of "em.

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Cara diatasi Wifi noël mungkin On di HP Samsungai – Internet adalah keperluan yanew york begitu radikal karena generasi millennial kemudian saat ini. Terkecuali kuota buat terhubungi internet di telepon genggam ada, wifi adalah chapter yanew york kemiripannya perlunmemiliki supamemiliki dari mereka mungkin bersedengan fasih bebasis di internet. Jika milik mereka luaran Samsung Galaxy S4, their could mengalami mengganggu saat menyalini adalah Wi-Fi. Mungkin ada melecehkan "macet".

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Melecehkan ini dapat terjadi ketika Samsungi Galaxy S5 turun di dalam memori, pribadi terlalouis crowd programme tambahan, ataukah ada programme tersembunyi.

mengatasi Hp Anroid Samsungai Galaxy Grand2 Wifi Lemah Android


diatasi Hp Anroid Samsungi Galaxy Grand2 Wifi Lemah Mobile

So i tangan kedua philz recovery and flashed N4 rom with the Deds kernel and finally fixed.So maybe yours the same case. The previous owner did something similar and wifi melepaskan could"nt fix so he gave to you.Sent from my SM-G800H using Tapatalk.