“Can’t participate in team training” Na Kyun-an’s career depends on his physical condition after disciplinary action…”Professional should be different.” The stern stroke of a master, and sincerity

Can Lotte Giants’ Na Kyun-an be revived? First of all, restoring trust with the team and coaching staff is the top priority.노래방알바

The Lotte Giants on Friday confirmed punishment of Na Kyun-an, the mastermind of the “dawn drinking scandal.” He has been suspended for 30 games and 40 hours of community service activities.

Na Kyun-an’s disciplinary action was decided at the club’s own disciplinary committee, which convened at 11:30 a.m. on the same day. The committee was formed by Park Joon-hyuk, the head of the team, including the team leader in each field, and the team gathered together.

The committee explained that Na Kyun-an’s disciplinary level has been charged with violating various regulations, including damage to the corporate and club image, damage to the dignity of its members, neglect of preparation for the game as a player, and violation of the team’s bylaws. Na Kyun-an, who entered the final argument, expressed his intention to accept all disciplinary action without excuses and expressed his regret to team officials, coaches and teammates.

Na Gyun-an’s disciplinary action this time was not just a “dawn drinking session” alone. It had been noisy for a while due to controversy over personal history, including a divorce suit before the season, and the controversy escalated, damaging the team and its sponsors.

Nevertheless, Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung did not regain confidence in Na. Despite his different ball power and control from last year, he was selected as the fourth starter to support Wilkerson, Barnes, and Park Se-woong from the pre-season. Given the class he showed, he expected his ball power to rise even if he was sluggish at the beginning of the season.

However, Na has recorded an ERA of 13.05 in eight games and 30 ⅓ innings since May. He has never had a quality start (more than six innings and less than three earned runs).

His performance this season was 2-7 losses with an ERA of 9.05 in 60 ⅔ innings in 14 games. This punishment is a punishment for betraying the trust of the head coach and the team.

During the disciplinary period, Na is not allowed to participate in team training. Team training facilities are also not available. You should build your body only with individual training.

In other words, when the disciplinary period is over, Na Kyun-an’s physical condition becomes a barometer to check his sincerity. Pitchers are sensitive creatures. When the disciplinary action is over, the season out may be decided naturally due to condition problems. Even the career afterwards is inevitably affected.

Lotte fans in Busan booed Na Kyun-an, who left the mound after starting the match against the KIA Tigers on Saturday and allowing eight runs in one ⅔ inning. Not just the fans. The eyes of teammates and coaches in the dugout were cold as well.

Baseball is a team play. If a starting pitcher, who is the backbone of a game, shows such insincere performance, the damage to his team will be devastating. From the mounting fatigue on defense to the consumption of bullpen pitcher’s shoulders and elbows, baseball seems to be doing a disservice to everyone.

“Players should take responsibility for their own actions and accept disciplinary action,” coach Kim Tae-hyung said. “Players are different from ordinary people. Even if you had no intention, you should think twice about that (such as drinking early morning on the day of selection).”

“After taking responsibility, I have to play baseball again. When disciplinary action is over, I have to work hard to contribute to my team,” he stressed.

Kim Tae-hyung had his first showdown with “teacher” Kim Kyung-moon on the day since his return. “I learned a lot from watching clean baseball (from Kim Kyung-moon). I think he will have a very different feeling.”

As it is the last three consecutive home games, I asked the fans to say a word. Coach Kim Tae-hyung’s answer contained desperate sincerity.

“When I was shooting an outrageous winning percentage in the beginning, I wondered if I would be able to go outside. I had expectations that young players would do well if they gained experience. After the initial testing period, I gained stability and moved up the rankings. Even if they lost eight consecutive games, they shouted ‘fighting’ when they met on the street. Thank you so much to the fans who have supported me. When I see fans cheering for Sajik Stadium in weekend games, I naturally think ‘I should do well in baseball’. Thank you for taking this opportunity.”

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