“Both are good” Whether it’s Shirakawa or Elias… the odds of heading to Doosan are increasing

The Doosan Bears have no choice but to pay attention to SSG Landers’ choice of foreign pitchers. Why.

SSG has been agonizing over and over again. Due to the injury of foreign pitcher Elias, it brought in Japanese Shirakawa as a short-term substitute for the first time this season.여우알바

“At first, I didn’t have high expectations. But I like it. Both ball power and attitude toward baseball have passed. They are even popular. They have to decide whether to leave Shirakawa or join Elias again when their contract expires in six weeks on March 4.

It’s complicated. The pros and cons of the two are too clear. It is said that opinions are divided almost 5 to 5 even within the club. I’m afraid that Elias will be injured again, but if I choose Shirakawa, the right to replace foreigners will be extinguished.

But why is Doosan so interested in the SSG situation? Doosan’s foreign pitcher Brandon is currently out due to a shoulder injury. Once it was announced that it would be re-examined in three weeks, there is a very high probability of a six-week diagnosis. A six-week diagnosis must be made to bring in a short-term replacement.

If SSG chooses to part ways with Shirakawa, there is a chance that Doosan will again sign him as a short-term replacement. If Elias is released, Doosan could completely replace Brandon with Elias. For Shirakawa, he needs to check whether he wants to throw it again at Doosan, but Elias is “thank you” if Doosan continues his $1 million contract this year.

No matter which of the two is released, they have to go through the waivers disclosure process. Seven days are given after the disclosure, and the right to negotiate first is given in reverse order of performance at that time. In other words, if a team lower than Doosan wants a player who did not receive the SSG choice between the two, the team can take it.

Unfortunately, however, none of the lower-ranked teams in Doosan have to change foreign pitchers urgently. The 10th-ranked Kiwoom Heroes Furado-Heysus One-Two Punch is the strongest in the league. The ninth-ranked KT Wiz also has no reason to change Cuevas-Benjamin. The eighth-ranked Hanwha Eagles recently hired a new top-rated foreign player Barria. Sanchez, who is out of injury, has mostly recruited Weiss. For example, if Shirakawa is announced as waivers, Hanwha can only bring in Sanchez’s complete replacement, but cannot recruit him as a short-term substitute. One player can only be recruited once as a substitute. Hanwha likes Shirakawa and Elias so much that it is possible to replace Sanchez, but it is uncertain whether it will have such an adventure at this point. The seventh-ranked Lotte Giants is throwing a ball after recovering from injury while Wilkerson is still alive. The sixth-ranked NC Dinos also has a strong Castano-Heart system.

The fifth place is the party SSG, and there are no obstacles until Doosan can choose in the end.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop made no secret of his interest in the two men, although he was very cautious because the decision was not made yet by the SSG. Lee said, “Watching the SSG decision, I will make the decision as quickly as possible without dragging my feet as possible. I am thinking positively about it. I am leaving open all possibilities. Both are good.” Shirakawa proved his performance that can be effective immediately in the league. Elias is the type to exert greater power in the wider Jamsil Stadium.

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