“BEOMGYU is in full bloom.” “Doyoung, you have to live a life when you’re in full bloom.”

When Kim Do-young, who wielded a hard hit from the first game of the second half of the year, entered the dugout, manager Lee Bum-ho’s face was full of laughter.토토사이트

Kim Do-young, who took part in the All-Star Game last weekend and settled on second base after making a great hit, performed a performance for her fans. Kim Do-young, who took something out of her chest, gave a touching gift by posting a placard with the phrase, “Doyoung should live because of her fans.”

Kia, which ranks first after a short All-Star break, is on an away road. At Jamsil Stadium on Sunday, its batters exploded from the first of three consecutive games during the week against LG, which ranks second, and won a landslide victory of 11 to 4.

It was Kim Do-young who led the first game of the second half to a landslide victory. Kim started the game as the third batter and third baseman, and led the mood in the early days of the game by taking charge of the first run from the first inning.

KIA fielders made LG starter Kelly sweaty from the first inning. Having perfect pitching of one run in 15 innings in the previous two games, he garnered four hits, one walk and three runs in the first inning alone, and successfully gained the upper hand.

After leadoff hitter Socrates stepped down with a fly ball to right field in the first inning, Choi Won-joon drew a walk after a persistent game to reach the ninth pitch, and KIA’s attack began.

KIA Kim Do-young hits an RBI double against LG starter Kelly with one out in the first inning
Kim Do-young, the third batter with one out, hit Kelly’s second highest fastball to split the left-center gap. While fast-paced Kim Do-young stepped on the second base leisurely, Choi ran home to score the first run.

When Kim Do-young opened his attack, the older brothers who followed him also turned the bat fiercely. A timely hit by Choi Hyung-woo, a timely hit by Na Sung-bum, and a timely hit by Kim Sun-bin, the sixth, were made to beat Kelly, the starting pitcher of the LG Twins, in a flurry. Kia Tigers pitcher Byun Woo-hyuk and Kim Tae-gun retired with infield ground balls to end its first inning of offense. Kelly, the starting pitcher of the LG Twins, almost allowed the starting lineup of batters starting from the first inning.

Coming to the batter’s box for the second time as the first batter in the third inning, Kim swung Kelly’s two-seam fastball into the third pitch. It was a hit that passed through the middle of the second and shortstop, leading to a hit. Kim got on base with a hit, but he stepped on the first base and immediately returned to the batter’s box, making an empty swing in the air.

At the moment when a missed hit fell in front of left field during the batter’s box against Choi, who continued to hit first base with no outs, Kim easily jumped to third base. Kim later scored after tag-up during Na Sung-bum’s sacrifice fly. Manager Lee Bum-ho smiled broadly while patting Kim Do-young on the buttocks, who showed great performance in the early days of the game.

In his third at-bat, Kim surprised LG Kelly by sending a huge hit. Kim hit a changeup that was well off the outside in the third inning with two outs and runners on the first and second bases in the fourth inning, but Hong Chang-ki, a right fielder, caught him in front of the fence, but he displayed an amazing batting performance that resulted in a positive hit regardless of the breaking ball of the fastball.

When Kim Do-young stepped into the batter’s box in the sixth inning with one out and runners on the second and third bases, with a lead of 5-2, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop made a four-pitch sign on purpose. It was a plan to make an infield grounder against the follow-up hitter Choi Hyung-woo with the bases loaded with one out, but KIA sealed the game with Choi Hyung-woo, the No. 1 RBI hitter, hitting the bases loaded.

Kim Do-young led Kia to its first win in the second half of the season by posting two hits, two walks and one RBI and four runs from four times at bat on the day. Lee Bum-ho’s face was full of laughter due to Kim Do-young’s outstanding performance in the KBO League, which has been reborn as the best box office card due to his strong batting performance this season.

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