“Believe me, I have no doubt”…Last season magic isn’t a miracle, the ‘5th straight Winning’ Wizards rebound! Foreigners are confident

The KT Wiz had a miraculous year last season. Due to a string of key players’ injuries early in the season, the team’s performance was weakened and dropped to the bottom. On June 2, 2023, KT remained at the bottom of the “-14” winning-loss margin with 16 wins, two draws, and 30 losses.업소알바

However, KT’s counterattack began afterwards. With the addition of William Cuevas, the ace player who returned, the team displayed an upward trajectory. In 64 games in the second half, he recorded 42 wins, one draw and 21 losses with a winning rate of 0.667, ranking first in the second half of the year. He ranked second with 79 wins, three draws and 62 losses during the regular season with a winning margin of “+17.”

During this season, KT built a strong starting lineup consisting of Cuevas, Wes Benjamin, Ko Young-pyo, and Um Sang-baek. However, due to injuries to Ko Young-pyo and Benjamin in the early days of this season, the starting lineup collapsed and suffered a difficult time. The team fell to ninth place.

Recently, however, KT has been aiming for a rebound. It has recorded five consecutive winning series. Starting with the three-game series between June 18 and 20, it met the LG Twins, SSG Landers, Samsung Lions, and Hanwha Eagles, all of whom won the series.

KT is currently ranked seventh with 38 wins, two draws and 45 losses. It is the same ranking as when it finished the first half of the last season. It is three games behind SSG, which is ranked fifth. It is six games behind Samsung, which is ranked fourth. The Korean team still has hope for fall baseball.

KT’s foreign players expressed strong confidence. Cuevas and Mel Rojas Jr. met with reporters ahead of the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO All-Star Game held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 6th.

“I really liked how I looked in the second half of last season,” Cuevas said. “I want to show how I looked last year. As far as I know, the rankings in the first half are the same as last year. Our players are not too worried about going up to the next level. We have the strength to advance, so we will show you good performance in the second half.”

Rojas said, “The most important thing is to finish the season healthy. I finished the first half with a good performance ahead of the All-Star Game, and I will do my best to continue the atmosphere in the second half,” adding, “If I am healthy above all, I think I will be able to help the team a lot. I will show you a healthy performance until the end.”

He is dreaming of advancing to the Korean Series as well as to the fall baseball league. “I have no doubt that I can reach the Korean Series just like last year,” Cuevas said. “I have no experience in the Korean Series. I want to play in the Korean Series and show good performances,” Rojas said.

Starting with a home game against the Doosan Bears on Wednesday, KT will embark on its journey for the second half of the year. The starting pitcher is Wes Benjamin.

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