Bears National University’s right-hander fell into 6kg of heartache and “thin”…”Psychological counseling and late night snacks. I feel pressured without realizing it”

Doosan Bears’ right-hander Kwak Bin led the team to victory with a perfect pitch with no outs in his return match after a break on the 10th. Kwak Bin had a hard time losing 6 kilograms of weight due to mental anguish, making his face look slimmer. Kwak Bin, who reorganized his body and mind with a late-night snack along with psychological counseling in Icheon, somewhat eased the burden and performed a great performance like a native ace.고수익알바

Kwak Bin contributed to his team’s 10-0 victory against the SSG Landers in Jamsil on June 28 by allowing no runs on 82 pitches, three hits, five strikeouts and no outs in six innings.

After taking the mound against Kiwoom Heroes in Gocheok on Tuesday (six runs in four innings), Kwak returned from rest for 10 days. After taking a good rest, Kwak’s performance was quite powerful. From the top of the first inning to the top of the fourth inning, Kwak overwhelmed the SSG batters with perfect pitching of three outs in four consecutive innings.

Kwak allowed his first on-base hit to the right in the top of the fifth inning with a 4-0 lead. However, after striking out Han Yu-seom and Park Sung-han in succession, Kwak even struck out Kim Min-sik and met the requirement for his sixth win of the season.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Doosan ran to 6-0 with Yang Eui-ji’s timely double on the left-field line of two RBIs in the opportunity to first and second base with one out, which was made by consecutive walks by Lee Yoo-chan and Jung Soo-bin. Kim Jae-hwan’s timely hit again occurred in the opportunity to third base with one out, which led to an error in throwing the opponent’s shortstop. Doosan scored an additional run with Jeon Da-min’s first hit, first RBI, and a sacrifice fly ball by Cho Su-haeng in the bottom of the eighth inning to complete a landslide 10-0.

On the day, Kwak perfectly cooked his opponents by mixing sliders (18), changeups (14), and curves (13) around a maximum speed of 155 km/h (37).

Speaking to reporters after the match, Kwak explained how he took a break on Wednesday. “I was exhausted both physically and mentally without realizing it. I felt pressure to do something in the team’s starting lineup, and I also felt anxiety that it was time for me to get better because it worked out so well in May. I felt like I would keep getting hit, and I lost confidence to press with my ball power. I thought I lost about 6 kilograms, which affected my ball power,” he said. “I was able to make a good choice because everyone around me including the coach told me that now is the right time to rest.”

After the first team was canceled, Kwak went down to the Icheon Bears Park and recovered his physical and mental health. “I also had a conversation with my psychological counselor on this day. Personally, I had a lot of miscellaneous thoughts, so I got a lot of help on how to get rid of them. Coaches Kim Sang-jin, Kwon Myung-cheol, and Cho Woong-cheon also gave me good advice, which encouraged me. “I ate three meals a day, and even had late-night snacks, which I don’t usually eat, and raised my weight again,” he said with a smile.

Kwak put the most emphasis on the result of pitching with no outs and no outs in his return match. “Before today, (Kim) Ki-yeon and I talked to him and said that I would throw without any greed for strikeouts whether I pitched six or seven innings,” Kwak said. “I tried to win the game quickly with two strikes, which worked well. I had a height that I prefer with fastballs, but I got there well,” he nodded. “After the sixth inning, I pitched fewer pitches, but I got blisters on my fingers, so I went down without much effort.”

Kwak will take the All-Star break next week after playing in the last game of the first half of the season. Kwak said, “Now, I try to manage my mental state by throwing the ball like water flowing. I think it is important to accept whether the result is good or not. As he gave me a good break at a good timing, I will prepare well to display better pitching in the second half.”

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