‘Battle of brain tumors → High school Choi Dong-won Award’ NC Roh Si-hoon is released, Choi Si-hyuk also joined the team

NC said on the 13th, “We released pitchers Noh Si-hoon and Choi Si-hyuk as nurturing players.”

Noh Si-hoon is a right-handed pitcher who joined the team with the 97th overall pick in the 10th round of the second round of the 2019 rookie draft.고수익알바

In 2016, when he was a second-year student at Yongsan Yongma High School, he underwent brain tumor surgery twice and had to fight the disease. After a year of chemotherapy, Noh Si-hoon recovered his health and joined the Yongma High School baseball team in February 2018 and returned to the mound. As he emerged as an icon of hope, he even won the Choi Dong-won Award for high school in 2018.

Noh made his debut in the first team on May 9, 2021, against the KT Wiz. However, he was hamstrung by the injury. After suffering elbow pain in late May 2021, he underwent ligament surgery. Since then, there has been no record of playing in the first team. In the Futures (second team) league in 2022 and 2023, he recorded an ERA of six points, and pitched one inning this season. Noh’s overall record in the first team is 3.86 ERA in five games without losing or losing.

Choi Si-hyuk (reformed by Choi Jae-ik), who joined the team in the second and third rounds of the 2019 rookie draft, was also notified of his release. He has no record of playing in the first division, and only played in 11 games in the second division.

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