Barnes··Autumn Baseball Nori Lotte, which turned on the ‘left-wing lion’ mode from the comeback match, got a clear supporter

Charlie Barnes’ return match, which had been highly anticipated, was better than expected. Lotte, which has gained great strength in the starting lineup, will surely lay the groundwork for its counterattack in the second half of the year.퀸알바

Lotte defeated SSG 6-1 in an away game held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Sunday. After losing 4-7 the previous day, Lotte narrowed its gap with fifth-ranked SSG to three games again in just one day, continuing its challenge to become an autumn baseball player.

The game drew a lot of attention as Barnes’ return match. Barnes went down the mound with an injury after 1.2 innings in a game against Samsung on May 26. The examination revealed that his left adductor muscle was slightly damaged.

Initially, Barnes’ injury did not seem so serious that he would be able to return to the mound if he skipped the rotation once. However, contrary to expectations, Barnes’ injury was diagnosed in two to three weeks. It was a big blow to Lotte, which had been at the bottom until April but gradually recovered in May.

Lotte finished the first half of the season with the strength of its powerful batters, setting an atmosphere to challenge the fall baseball. In order to further raise the ranking in the second half, the strength of the mound was absolutely necessary, and in that sense, Barnes’ return match was a pressing matter of interest.

Barnes, who took the mound twice in the second division ahead of his return and scored six scoreless innings, gave the team the good pitching it had been hoping for.

Barnes pitched six innings, two hits and one walk, nine strikeouts and no run to block SSG’s batters, and successfully secured his fourth win of this season. He pitched just 77 times. SSG hitters collapsed against Barnes like a falling leaf.

Barnes started the first inning with three outs, and gained momentum. He gave up his first hit to Lee after the second inning with two outs, but it did not lead to a run lost. He allowed a walk to leadoff hitter Ha Jae-hoon in the third inning, but handled all subsequent hitters.

Barnes, who finished the fourth and fifth innings with three outs in a row, took the mound again in the sixth inning, allowed leadoff hitter Jihoon Choi to hit, and allowed a stolen base after one out, putting him on the verge of losing a point. However, he struck out both Park and Choi, and ended the return match without allowing a single.

Barnes’ good pitching also boosted Lotte’s batters. After scoring the first run with Jeong Hoon’s timely hit with two outs and a runner on the second base in the top of the second inning, Lotte garnered three runs in succession with Na Seung-yeop and Jeong Hoon on the first and second bases with no outs in the top of the fourth inning, and Yoon Dong-hee’s pushy walk with the bases loaded with two outs to take the lead to 4-0. In addition, Lotte added one run each in the seventh and ninth innings to seal the lead.

After Barnes left in the first half of the year, Lotte had no reliable pitcher except Aaron Wilkerson. Han Hyun-hee and Kim Jin-wook worked hard, but Na Gyun-an was suspended for the “drinking scandal,” and Park Se-woong, the “glass ace,” also struggled. In the meantime, if Barnes returns and forms a strong one-two punch with Wilkerson, Lotte can also have enough power to go up. Barnes’ good pitching, which returned after a long time, gave Lotte great hope.

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