Alcantara Resurrected and Brandon Shoulder Hurts…’Mound Stranded Crisis’ Doosan Will Take Out Temporary Foreign Recruitment Card

Doosan Bears foreign pitcher Brandon Waddell is sick again. It is even more painful because the injury came amid an atmosphere in which Raul Alcantara, another foreign pitcher, is showing signs of rebounding. Could Doosan, which is on the verge of being stranded on the mound again, take out its temporary recruitment card for foreign pitchers.안전놀이터

Brandon started the first game of the doubleheader against the Samsung Lions in Daegu on June 23, and left the mound after playing 42 games in two innings. He had to complain of sudden pain near his shoulder. Doosan continued its difficult game by early operation of its bullpen session from the third inning.

Doosan, which fought back, entered the chase by 3 to 4 with Kang Seung-ho’s solo home run in the top of the eighth inning, and then balanced the game with Jung Soo-bin’s timely hit to the left with one out and runners on the first and second bases. However, Doosan unfortunately missed the opportunity to turn the tables as Yang Eui-ji and Kim Jae-hwan stepped down with a single out and runners on the first and second bases. Rather, Doosan gave up a 4-7 turnaround situation as the bullpen collapsed in the bottom of the eighth inning. Doosan suffered a disappointing defeat in the top of the ninth inning when pinch hitter Kim Ki-yeon stepped down with a fly ball to the right field.

Doosan’s starting mound was also shaky from the beginning in Game 2 of the doubleheader. Starting pitcher Kim Dong-ju was sluggish by allowing four runs (one homer) on 53 pitches, six hits (one homer), and even Jung Cheol-won, who took the mound as relief pitcher, bowed his head to allow three runs on three hits, two outs, and three runs in one inning. In the end, Doosan, which suffered a crushing 4-10 loss, suffered the worst result of losing all three consecutive weekend series.

He seemed to be paying more attention to Brandon’s shoulder condition than to his immediate defeat in the weekend series. Brandon received the first checkup on June 24. He will undergo the second checkup on June 25 and will likely include his final name, rehabilitation schedule and timing of his return. Brandon is said to still feel pain in the back of his left shoulder.

Brandon has already returned from a pretty long absence with a back injury early in the season. With his past four consecutive games on the rise, Brandon has been at his worst in dealing with shoulder pain. The Doosan bench wanted a joint performance award from the foreign starting duo as Alcantara recently regained stability, but that wish flew by in an instant.

Doosan is expected to struggle with Brandon, who has a possibility of long-term injury twice. Depending on his shoulder condition, he may have to choose a full replacement, but he could also open the possibility of choosing a temporary foreign pitcher.

Coincidentally, SSG Landers’ temporary foreign pitcher Keisho Shirakawa’s six-week contract will end soon. In four games, Shirakawa had two wins and two losses, an earned run average of 5.09 with 22 strikeouts and nine walks. Except for Sajikan’s record of playing in away games (eight runs in 1.1 innings), he displayed good performance in the remaining three games. It was a moment when he displayed his competitive edge as a temporary foreign pitcher.

Elias, a former foreign pitcher at the SSG who left the game due to injury, has recently made his return to the Futures League, raising the possibility of separating him from Shirakawa. If Shirakawa’s contract ends as it is, Doosan may agonize over recruiting Shirakawa as a temporary foreign pitcher depending on Brandon’s shoulder condition. Shirakawa, who has already adapted to the KBO league mound, is clearly an attractive card. Even if it takes at least six weeks for temporary foreign registration, it can leave open its options as much as possible until early August. It makes us wonder what Doosan will make over Brandon, who was injured twice this season.

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