A controversy that keeps popping up…They talk about “confusion” on the spot

Baseball is a difficult sport to predict. Various situations are intertwined, ranging from a duel between a pitcher and a batter to a defense to a baserunning game. There are many rules and complications. This is why standards are important. Each and every decision by a umpire inevitably takes up a large portion. The problem is the constant controversy over “misjudgment.” A umpire can make mistakes, too, as a person. However, if decisions that can directly affect victory or defeat continue to occur throughout the season, it is certainly a big problem. Fairness, the foundation of sports, can be shaken up a lot.노래방알바

Baseball is based on the human eye. This is why high concentration is required. However, there are physical limitations as the game lasts for more than three hours on average. This is the background of the addition of technical equipment one by one. Following the video review system, the automatic pitching judgment system (ABS) was introduced for the first time in the world this year. Cameras installed in ballparks track the trajectory of pitches and determine whether to bowl-strike. The key is accurate and consistent ball judgment. It was a measure to reduce unnecessary controversy.

There is a blind spot. It is a machine that creates data, but it is up to a person to read and interpret it. It was a game between Samsung and NC that took place in Daegu on April 14. In the bottom of the third inning, pitcher Lee Jae-hak threw his second fastball against Lee Jae-hyun. It passed the ABS strike zone, but the referee classified it as a ball. While the referee was discussing, the comment was captured on the video saying, “Say you clearly recognized the voice as a ball. The only thing we can get out of is that.” Suspicions over concealment have been added.

He keeps making exceptions. A case in point is the match between Doosan and NC that took place in Jamsil on Sunday. He mistook the force-out situation for a tag-out situation. When Doosan requested video review, the team focused only on whether the team tagged or not. This is why the conclusion was made to maintain the original trial. Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop finally came to recognize the problem after running out of the dugout and protesting. In the end, the video review result was reversed. This time, NC appealed to the team. The final decision of the video review room cannot be overturned. In other words, the team violated the rules to correct misjudgment.

It goes without saying that it destroyed trust on its own. According to Article 28, Paragraph 11 of the KBO League Regulations, video review results are not subject to review or correction. If a coach protests against the video review results, he or she will be automatically dismissed. This forced numerous coaches to leave the game. The judges, who relentlessly called for their exit, reversed the precedent at their discretion this time. How can we deal with the video review process or the result in the future? Doubts are accumulating in the eyes of the judges.

This season, professional baseball continues to be an all-time hit. It exceeded 5 million spectators on the 15th. With 332 games alone, it is the second fastest pace ever after 2012. It is the fastest to narrow down the range since 2015, when the 10-team system has been established. The average crowd per game has increased by more than 30%. At this rate, it is worth aiming for 10 million of your dreams. The most important process is shaking while the heat is getting hotter. It is time for fundamental concerns, not a tinkering response. Everyone should put their heads together.

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