550,000 votes, 26 points difference, overwhelming No. 1…The Comet Express is also the KBO’s best center fielder, receiving GG for four consecutive years and going to ML? It becomes a reality

The All-Star Best 12 announced by KBO on the 17th has a whopping 549,096 votes in the gap between the first and second place in fan voting. He is a Nanum All-Star second baseman. Kim He-sung (25), the current KBO League’s best central infielder, beat Kim Sun-bin (35) by about 550,000 votes.안전놀이터

Even though the Kia Tigers has fans all over the nation, everyone recognized Kim’s impact and productive power. Kim received 1,286,124 votes, beating Kim Sun-bin who received 737,028 votes. In the team’s vote, Kim also had 189 votes to lead runner-up Park Min-woo (NC Dinos, 60 votes), with an overwhelming 129 votes.

Kim Hye-sung posted a batting average of 81 hits in 241 at-bats for 60 games this season, batting average of 0.336 with 10 homers, 39 RBIs, 45 runs scored with 17 steals, a slugging percentage of 0.527 with an on-base percentage of 0.400 OPS of 0.927 with a 0.400 run-scoring percentage. He led Kim Sun-bin, ranking second with a total score of 45.50, with 26.44 points, and confirmed the starting second baseman of Nanum All-Star.

Ryu Ji-hyuk of the Samsung Lions, who ranks first as the second baseman of Dream All Star, also has a total score of 32.83. Kang Seung-ho of the Doosan Bears, who is showing good performance this season, also has a score of 27.43. In short, Kim Hye-sung is the best second baseman in the KBO League recognized by fans and players.

Kim Hye-sung also shines in the second stat. In terms of baseball statistics, he is ranked third with WAR 4.22, 11th with adjusted score productivity of 141.5 points, and fourth with Hota Junjok index of 25.19 points. As he is a player who is armed with offense and defense players, secondary statistics are inevitably good.

Kim Hye-sung won the Golden Glove in the Shortstop category in 2021. And in 2022 and 2023, he received the Golden Glove in the second baseman category for the second consecutive year. This year, he will try to become a second baseman for the third consecutive year. Unless there is a player who can shake Kim’s stronghold, he will be the top contender for the Golden Glove Award for the third consecutive year. If you add up to the 2021 shortstop award, it will be the fourth consecutive year.

Only two players were awarded the Golden Glove to second basemen from 1983 to 1985, and Kim Seong-rae from 1986 to 1988. Kim Hye-sung is trying to continue this legacy this year. In addition, only five Golden Glove winners have been named Kim Jae-bak, Lee Kwang-eun, Kim Han-soo and Son Ah-seop for four consecutive years.

At the end of this season, Kim will move to the Major League. There is no possibility that Kim, who signed a contract with CAA, a world-renowned agency, will fail to advance to the Major League itself. Attention is focusing on the size of the contract and the destination of the contract. If so, this year could be the last time for the KBO League All-Star Game.

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