3rd place I was so happy and satisfied!” Son Ho-young’s brilliant 30 games, No regrets

Lotte Giants’ Son Ho-young started as a third baseman and designated hitter in the away match of Game 10 of the season between the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL Bank KBO League Kiwoom Heroes at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 21st, and scored three hits, one RBI and one run in three times at bat. With this game, Son Ho-young’s record of hits in consecutive games ended with 30 games and tied for third place in KBO history.메이저놀이터

It was on April 17 that Son began writing records. At the time, Son faced the “friendly” LG Twins for the first time since being traded to Lotte. He was silent with no hit in four at-bats in the first game against LG, but exploded a multi-hit on the 17th, the second game, and soared to multi-hit for the fourth consecutive game. This trend continued until the Samsung Lions match on May 3. Son, who had failed to blossom due to frequent injuries during his LG career, faced a bad news even after moving to Lotte. After he hit a hit against Samsung on May 3, he had a hiatus due to a hamstring injury.

However, it was different from his time at LG. Although Son had a hiatus of a little over a month, he began to boast of his hot hitting performance from his first game back to back, building up the record of consecutive hits one by one. In particular, he failed to produce a hit in four at-bats against the KT Wiz on the 20th, but his first hit in his last at-bat in the top of the ninth inning was a tiebreaking home run. With this hit, Son recorded 30 consecutive hits, tying Kim Jae-hwan (currently the Doosan Bears), and at the same time ranked third in KBO league history. On the 21st, Son challenged for a record of 31 games.

His record of 31 consecutive hits has huge implications. Park Jong-ho (former Hyundai, Samsung) ranks first in terms of hits in consecutive games in 39 games, but Lotte’s “tank” Park Jung-tae held it in terms of “single season.” Had Son recorded 31 hits, he could have tied both the Lotte club and the record in a single season. While he was at it, he was able to challenge for a “new record.” Commentator Park Jung-tae also sent a message of support to Son through various media outlets. However, no record was made for Son.

In the top of the first inning, Son Ho-young hit Kiwoom starter Emanuel de Heissus’ first-pitch fastball of 133 kilometers in the first at-bat with one out, but he started the game when he stepped down with a fly ball to right field. And Son Ho-young, who was the leadoff hitter in the top of the fourth inning, got on base with a walk after a tenacious game with Heissus going up to nine pitches this time, but it was not a hit. Then, in the third at-bat without a runner with one out in the top of the sixth inning, he rarely produced a hit as the ball could not escape the infield.

Son Ho-young entered the fourth at-bat only in the eighth inning, and played against Kiwoom’s changed pitcher Kim Sung-min in the first and third bases with no outs. At this time, Son Ho-young put his bat out on Kim Sung-min’s fourth pitch of 136 km, which was also a hit that could not escape the infield. Son Ho-young aimed for an infield hit through headfirst sliding at first base in consideration of the slow speed of the hit, but despite the video reading, the decision to “out” remained unchanged. And as the last out count was made in front of his at-bat in the ninth inning, he failed to enter the fifth at-bat and ended the game without a hit.

When asked if he was conscious of the final at-bat, Son Ho-young told reporters before the game on Tuesday, “I was conscious of the final at-bat. I tried to push too much, not to be myself. I just had to play one game. I thought to myself, “I’m sure he’ll come out this time,” but the result didn’t come out. I hit too much ball even when I saw him. And I blew my body because I thought I could run fast,” and when asked if he had any influence in picking the ball because of his record, Son said, “There was no such thing. Except for the last at-bat, I always played the same actively.”

Although he failed to make a new history, Son has certainly made a name for himself among baseball fans and made his name in KBO history. “I’m so satisfied with the record of being in third place. I was so happy, but people around me worried about me a lot. I’m so satisfied. When I did headfirst sliding, I thought I was out, but thank you for reading the video,” Son said. “It was fun while I recorded 30 consecutive hits. If I have such an opportunity again, I think I will become a little more greedy. I’m worried that my performance will go straight down, but I left everything yesterday at the hotel.”

The record was suspended less than one game behind the single-season tie record, but Kiwoom and Lotte’s head coaches gave a thumbs up.

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