26 years old, 156km fastball…”Excited.” Balazovic

Right-handed fastball pitcher Jordan Balazovic was chosen by Doosan, which let go of ace pitcher Raul Alcantara. Doosan, which gained momentum by replacing foreign pitcher Brandon Waddello last year, has high expectations for Balazovic, who joined the team.

Doosan finished the first half of the year in third place with 46 wins, two draws and 39 losses. It is four games behind the leading Kia Tigers. If the starting lineup works properly, it will be able to join the lead race once again.업소알바

Valazovic will arrive in South Korea on Tuesday. He will move to Suwon, where he will play the first three consecutive games in the second half of this year, and meet with his team for the first time. His first start is yet to be decided as administrative procedures remain such as issuing work visas. He is 196 centimeters tall and has good physique, and pitched 24.1 innings as a bullpen pitcher in last year’s big league when he played for Minnesota. He can throw splitters and curves in fastballs with a maximum speed of 156 kilometers per hour. This season, he recorded 5.60 ERA as a bullpen pitcher alone in Triple-A in the Minor League. His strikeout rate stands out at 30.1 percent compared to his earned run average.

Balazovic is a young pitcher born in 1998. He is 26 this year. He is the youngest among foreign pitchers in his 20s in this season’s KBO League, which stands out. His goal is, of course, to try again in the big league. With success stories continuing from KBO-made “reverse export” players such as Merrill Kelly and Eric Peddy, the KBO League is gaining spotlight as a new opportunity for foreign players. He has powerful ball power and solid motivation at a young age, as he is entering his prime. If he adapts properly, he can have high expectations on him as a foreigner starting pitcher.

In this season, Doosan did not benefit much from foreign pitchers. Brandon was out of the main league twice due to injury including the cancellation of his recent entry. Alcantara was away for more than a month due to elbow pain, but remained sluggish even after his return to the team, eventually leaving Korea. Two foreign pitchers pitched 139.1 innings. It is the third-lowest in the entire league. When it comes to WAR (contributions to wins compared to replacement players or statistics), Brandon and Alcantara only posted a combined 3.49. It is below the league average. Compared to foreign pitchers with the best record, Lotte (6.94) and Kiwoom (6.69), the two players are about half the total.

Last season, Doosan struggled until the middle of the season due to foreign pitchers as well. Alcantara played his part, but Dylan Pyle failed to throw the ball properly due to his injury from the beginning of the season, and was kicked out after throwing only two times. After re-signing with Brandon in late June, Doosan’s powerhouse finally stabilized. Doosan, which had a winning percentage of less than 500 percent before recruiting Brandon, succeeded in reaching the 5th place in the regular season with 43 wins, 1 draw, and 35 losses since Brandon’s first appearance.

Doosan, which wrapped up its Balazovic contract, now has to choose who will replace Brandon, who has left due to a shoulder injury. It is one of two, Eric Yokishi, a veteran left-hander who played as Kiwoom ace until the middle of last season, and Shirakawa Kisho, a Japanese right-hander whose contract with SSG as an alternative player recently ended. Due to the stark contrast between advantages and disadvantages, opinions are divided even within the team, and final concerns are continuing ahead of the final choice.

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