188cm Second-Ryu Prospect’ Gyeonggi High School Trend Hyun’s Direct Challenge to the U.S.? Multiple ML clubs have been asked to check their status

Another major leaguer will be born soon. According to MK Sports’ report, the U.S. Major League Baseball secretariat has requested the KBO to check the identity of Ryu Hyun-hyun, a third-year high school infielder.퀸알바

A source familiar with MLB told MK Sports on July 2, “I understand that multiple Major League teams have requested an identity check for Shin. A lot of Major League scouts have gathered at the recent Gyeonggi High School game. This is to see Shin. He is the hottest player these days.”

Identification is a step that a Major League club must go through before signing a contract with a Korean player. It can be seen as a process to check whether there are any problems with their status before recruiting. Senior Major Leaguers who entered the U.S. also wore big league team uniforms after going through identification procedures.

A scout from the National League West said, “T trend-hyun is a great tool player. He has endless potential as a pitcher as well as potential to grow into a big hitter. Several clubs have been keeping an eye on him since last year.”

He is rarely known as an “adultryu” in high school games this year. He is 188 centimeters tall and weighs 88 kilograms. He is an infielder with plus-class hitting ability, and can throw up to 152 kilometers per hour on the mound. As a batter, he had a batting average of 0.292, including one homer, and an ERA of 3.60 as a pitcher. He is also mentioned as a candidate for the top pick in this year’s KBO rookie draft. Scouts from KBO League teams are reportedly agonizing over whether to raise him as a power infielder or a fastball pitcher.

One of the biggest advantages is his potential. He is an infielder who is capable of playing as a batter right now, but he is also a type that boasts strong wrist strength and body swing, which fans expect him to grow into a big infielder. It is not common for fielders to be able to set a speed of 152 km/h even on a mound. As a pitcher, he is not very complete. It will take some time, but analysts say that he can grow into a scary pitcher if he goes through tempering.

MLB has many high school prospects this year as well. Starting with Gyeonggi Sanggo High School’s Ryu Hyun-hyun and Han Ji-yoon, Seoul High School’s fire bowlers Kim Young-woo and Kim Dong-hyun, Daegu High School’s left-hander Bae Chan-seung, and Jeon High School’s Jung Woo-joo are drawing attention. As a result, KBO League teams are expected to engage in fierce competition to protect their promising players.

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