“10G ERA 12.71.” Why doesn’t KIA 21-year-old special left-hand bullpen put him in the second team

Choi Ji-min (21), the left-handed setup man of the KIA Tigers, is struggling due to difficulties in controlling the ball. What is the solution for the team’s head coach.유흥알바

Choi has been in a bad condition lately. He has lost eight goals in 10 games and five ⅔ innings, and has shown sluggish performance by posting an earned run average of 12.71. From the game against the SSG on Wednesday to the game against the LG Twins on Wednesday last week, he seemed to be okay by accumulating no points and three holds in four consecutive games, but the game on Wednesday was a problem.

Starting pitcher James Nail went down after being hit by a tiebreaking two-run shot by Park Dong-won. And Choi Ji-min took the mound. He rarely controlled the ball. He walked Park Hae-min, the first batter. Then Shin Min-jae got a bunt hit.

He failed to catch any out count, threw only six balls and came down. Choi Ji-min’s run became two points after Jeon Sang-hyun, who came up, was hit by Hong Chang-ki’s three-run reversal.

It is clear that the recent trend has not been good, but coach Lee Bum-ho decided not to give time for reorganization in the second division.

Manager Lee Bum-ho said, “I’ve been having difficulty controlling myself lately. I think I have a lot of worries these days. Still, he is a pitcher that we have to use as a must-win group. We can send him to the second division to give him some time to spare, but he is not in a position to lower Choi Ji-min because Lee Joon-young will be excluded from the first division and the left-handed bullpen will be eliminated.”

Choi joined KIA as the fifth pick in the second round of the 2022 first round. However, he did not show much performance in the first season. He played in only six games.

Starting from the 2022 season onwards was the real thing. After the end of the season, he balanced pitching and increased speed of pitches through Geelong Korea in the Australian professional baseball league, resulting in significant effects. He also garnered six wins, three losses, 12 holds, three saves and an ERA of 2.12 in 58 ⅓ and 59 innings.

Choi’s appearance was enough to carry the national flag. He contributed greatly to winning a gold medal by joining the Hangzhou Asian Games team and gained experience in international competitions by participating in the Asian Professional Baseball Championship held after the end of the season.

In mid-March this year, he was selected by Team Korea to participate in the Seoul Series and threw at a special match with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Following the momentum, he had a good April. He had a dreadful April. He gave no run during 12 games and 11 innings. It was Mr. Zero.

He continued his upward trajectory. He had one win, one loss, two holds and an earned run average of 2.70, which was good in 13 games in May. The problem is June. In fact, it was the most calculating card among the left-handed bullpens of Kia, but now that he is shaken up, the Kia bullpen is also on shaky ground.

First of all, he is in the first team and tries to find his old self.

Coach Lee Bum-ho said, “Choi is still a young player in his early 20s. When he overcomes the current difficulties, he can develop to become a good player. If he continues to send players to the Futures League under these circumstances, he could lose his confidence.”

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