10 Years of Unknown Sadness, All-Star Tremendous Life Turnaround “I was really jealous. Now I’m on that stage…”

“Coach, I can feel your trust. It’s a huge boost for a player.”

The NC Dinos failed to produce even a single best 12 players at the 2024 KBO All-Star Game to be held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 6th of next month. The best 12 players were announced based on the total number of fan and team votes, but there were no NC players at the Nanum All-Star game.

However, NC fans don’t have to be disappointed. Three players will play at the All-Star game as recommended players for the team. Key players of the bullpen are Kim Jae-yeol and Kim Young-kyu, and catcher Kim Hyung-joon. All three players will play at the All-Star game for the first time in their careers.

In particular, Kim Jae-yeol’s drama “human victory” drew attention. After graduating from Busan High School, he joined the Lotte Giants as a seventh-round draft pick for the second round of the rookie draft in 2014. His name was also Kim Tae-seok before he changed his name. However, he had a high professional barrier. He was released in 2017 after not playing a single game in the primary league as a member of Lotte. Since then, he has resolved military issues.노래방알바

Kim Jae-yeol did not give up his dream of becoming a professional player while playing professional baseball. I was able to see the KIA Tigers’ tryout, and I was thrilled to become a professional player for the first time in my life in September 2020. And although he was not a must-win group until last season, he performed well in the bullpen.

NC recognized the possibility of Kim Jae-yeol. Kim Jae-yeol was nominated in the revived second draft. It was a moment when a new baseball life door opened.

Given his past career, not many people would have expected him to play an important role in the team right away. With the full support of coach Kang In-kwon and pitching coach Kim Soo-kyung, however, Kim Jae-yeol has established himself as an indispensable winning pitcher this season. He has become the most important pitcher in 41 games, one win, one loss, 10 holds, and an ERA of 1.70. From the Doosan Bears on Wednesday to the SSG Landers on Wednesday and Sunday, he held three consecutive games. The team against the Kiwoom Heroes suffered a come-from-behind defeat on Saturday, but Kim pitched an impressive 3K pitch per inning.

The rewards have been sweet. At the first All-Star Game, some star players expressed their intention not to play as coach-recommended players, saying they would not take breaks when they were not selected as the best 12. However, the All-Star Game is truly a dream stage for players like Kim Jae-yeol who desperately needed a chance.

“It’s an honor. Honestly, I feel great. As far as I know, the coach recommended it, so I feel even better,” Kim said. “All-star players were the object of envy. I just wanted to be on that stage. My dream came true after 11 years as a professional. The first team is natural, and I have never been selected as a second team All-star. I only watched the All-Star game on TV. I will work hard and have a lot of fun there.”

Kim Jae-yeol of NC is pitching hard in a match between Hanwha and NC held at Changwon NC Park on the 16th. Changwon = Reporter Huh Sang-wook @sportschosun.com/2024.04.16/
“I want to compliment myself for doing a good job,” Kim said of his big twist story this season. “But I was lucky. My fellow defenders really helped me a lot. I was shaken up a lot. But I was very motivated by your trust in me.”

When asked what it meant, Kim Jae-yeol said, “When I shake, the player is worried about my next appearance. But even if I am not good enough, I end up playing in the next game in an equally important situation. When you let me finish one inning, I can immediately feel that belief in the player. I had no choice but to think that I would block it or win.”

Asked if he was worried about playing many innings all of a sudden, Kim said, “Many bullpen pitchers have thrown many times and had a hard time. They take great care of me in the training part. They check and treat me every day, so I just trust and throw them. I have no problem with my physical condition at all. My coach also tells me to speak freely if I want to rest. Players who are in an unstable position first worry about joining the second team if they feel a little uncomfortable. However, NC is not concerned about such concerns and play baseball. I have a lot of leeway now.”

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